Is it Time to Take a New Look at How to Organize Your Closet?

There’s some sort of a law of physics (perhaps) that dictates that whatever was once organized, at some point becomes unorganized again. And there are probably stages of movement towards disorganization that we all follow to some degree:

  • Stage 1: Everything has a place and everything goes back into its designated place when not is use.
  • Stage 2: Oh we got some new stuff? Let’s try to make it fit into our nicely organized space. Scooch a few things over to the side and look! It fits.
  • Stage 3: Got more new stuff that isn’t even the same kind of stuff that we usually keep in this space… but we don’t know where else to put it, so let’s just shove it in there and close the door.
  • Stage 4: We hesitate to open the closet/drawer/cabinet because we know it is full of crap we aren’t using and who the heck even knows what is in there anymore? (And then we run out and just buy what we need…. and chances are- we already have it somewhere at home!)

And if you’ve got kids- the length of time that it takes to move through these stages is just that faster because you have “helpers” who are disorganizing that space for you! (Are you with me?)

This past weekend I decided I could no longer deal with the storage closets in our basement because I couldn’t figure out if the kids had gloves that still fit, and in trying to get us ready for an upcoming road trip, I couldn’t even pull out the bins and supplies I needed from the closet under the stairs without moving out 15 other things first. Here’s what it looked like:

There comes a time when you have to take a new look at how to organize your closets- maybe the purpose for that closet has changed, maybe you've just been adding new items to a closet without eliminating what you no longer need, or maybe you (and your kids!) have gotten into the habit of just stuffing things in and making them fit! Here's how I tackled taking a new look at our closets recently!

Stuff bulging out of bins…. So many boots on the floor of the closet that no one would be able to find the mate, and most of them wouldn’t even fit the kids this winter anyway…….

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