Do You Love to Read Reviews Before You Buy?

I’ve mentioned this before… my favorite way to shop for almost EVERYTHING is to shop online! It is so much easier to search for items at my favorite online retailers and be able to compare product features and prices with the added bonus that I don’t have to drag six kids along into a store with me while I look at multiple items to make a purchase decision! But my favorite reason for shopping online is that I like to read the opinions of others who have purchased the product to learn what their experience is…. Did they love it? Did they keep it? Did it meet their expectations? Would they make the same choice again?
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This recipe for cocktail meatballs only contains 3 ingredients- and makes the most tangy and delicious sauce! We love to enjoy our meatballs as an entree with a side of oven-baked fries.... or piled onto sweet Hawaiian buns as mini meatball-sliders! Either way- the kids gobble them up!

Easy Summer Cocktail Meatballs

When the weather heats up for summer, the last thing I want to do is to turn on the oven or even cook on the stovetop in my hot, hot kitchen! Which is why I turn to my crockpot for help- even in the summer months (and how many of you think of the crockpot…

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We made the intentional decision a few years ago to "take summers off" and to not schedule our kids for camps, lessons, or activities as much as possible. Here's why we are making the same choice to host our own summer camp at home again this summer:

Why We Hold Our Own Summer Camp At Home!

We are now in the full throes of our end-of-school-year schedule- and the kids’ days are packed with picnics, yearbook parties, field days, exams, and even (5th grade) graduation plans. It is always such a busy time of year- and made even more so by all of the email discussions flying back and forth regarding…

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The Blog Post I Didn’t Want to Write

Things have been a bit quiet here on the blog and on my social media accounts the last few weeks, and that’s because I have had a lot going on in my personal life. Back in February I found a lump on the left side of my neck, in conjunction with a sore throat, and…

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