Back to Feeling Like Me Again!

Allow me to start this post with an apology. To you- my family, friends, and readers. Because this post is about two weeks overdue, and so many of you are still reaching out to me to ask about how I am doing, how treatment is going, and how you can help me and my family. But the truth is- I am doing GREAT! I am eating and drinking again, my energy level is way up, and I am feeling like “the old me”. Which means that I am back to “busy”- trying to get my kids ready to head back to school, getting my house back in order, and preparing to launch my new cabi clothing business. And somehow I’ve allowed all of that “busy-ness” to get in the way of letting everyone know that I’m feeling fantastic! 

Me on Beach

So now that my apology is out of the way…. let me fill you in as to how the last few months have gone….

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Box Tops Collection Box- 200

How to Make a Box Tops Collection Box

How many times a week do you ask (okay… nag) your kids to empty the dishwasher? Put their dirty clothes in the hamper? Put their shoes in the designated bin? If you are like me- more times than you care to count! So perhaps if you were inspired by my recent post to stop throwing…

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Dimes Square

Are You Just Throwing Dimes in the Garbage?

When school starts next week, I will have 2 kids in elementary school, 3 kids in middle school, and one teen in high school! (Yowza!- how did they ever get this grown up?) And since it seems as if they all put on 6 inches over the summer- nothing they have in their closets fits…

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Square logo

Do You Love to Read Reviews Before You Buy?

I’ve mentioned this before… my favorite way to shop for almost EVERYTHING is to shop online! It is so much easier to search for items at my favorite online retailers and be able to compare product features and prices with the added bonus that I don’t have to drag six kids along into a store…

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This recipe for cocktail meatballs only contains 3 ingredients- and makes the most tangy and delicious sauce! We love to enjoy our meatballs as an entree with a side of oven-baked fries.... or piled onto sweet Hawaiian buns as mini meatball-sliders! Either way- the kids gobble them up!

Easy Summer Cocktail Meatballs

When the weather heats up for summer, the last thing I want to do is to turn on the oven or even cook on the stovetop in my hot, hot kitchen! Which is why I turn to my crockpot for help- even in the summer months (and how many of you think of the crockpot…

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