What This Adoptive Mom Wished “The Public” Knew…

There are times when I am “out and about” with my kids, that I receive some pretty crazy comments and questions. When I first arrived home from China with my youngest daughter- I tried my best to answer questions posed by well-meaning strangers. Back then my daughter was too young to understand what we were talking about, and I was so head-over-heels in love, that I didn’t mind explaining myself.

Flash-forward a few years, and I am still head-over heels in love, but not as patient as I used to be for strangers intrusive and sometimes uncomfortable questions. I wrote a post to share “Things That I Wish People Didn’t Feel Compelled to Ask...” and hoped that this would “get the word out”.

Unfortunately, it didn’t.

So now I’ve created my message in cartoon format. Feel free to pass it along. I think it’s time we spread the word, don’t ya think?

Adoptive Moms…. what’s the most startling question that you have been asked about your unique family?

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  1. says

    Am going to post this cartoon on my FB page. Thanks for sharing.
    As for startling questions there have just been so many. I suppose my all time favorite may be and I am quoting verbatim here, “Are you married to a Negro?” I was pregnant at the time with my second child and my first child is African American and I suppose this was just too much for the woman we were walking past in the park…..
    Kate Hlava recently posted..The Power of A Bigg Mac

    • says

      Oh. My. God!
      Sometimes I can’t bend my head around that there are people who still think this way.
      I mean, for one thing, that she would think it.
      And then that she would allow those thoughts to flow freely from her mouth.
      And that she was ignorant enough to actually expect an answer.
      Were you even able to react? Or was your jaw just on the ground?

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