Rainbow Loom Birthday Party!

It’s the latest craze for tweens…. the Rainbow Loom. Think of it as a replacement for the Silly Bandz… except that this is both a crafting activity as well as something that you can collect. And my kids are addicted to making them and wearing them!

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party- The LoomSome of my kids have been getting together for bracelet-making playdates… so I thought- why not create a birthday party around the rainbow loom?

The only problem- what to do for the party guests who don’t already own a loom? I can’t buy one for each party guest- at $16.99  per kit they are just too expensive. But then I saw this video on the Rainbow Loom website where they demonstrate bracelet-making using the included Mini Loom. And even better- you can purchase Mini Looms for $3.99 each! (The only other problem at the moment is that most stores are out of the rubber band refills. You can find them on eBay…. but you’ll be paying $7.99/bag instead of $2.99/bag! I am sure this is a temporary situation as the owners start producing enough inventory to “catch up” with demand!)

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party- inside of boxSo are my ideas for hosting a Rainbow Loom Birthday Party!

The Rainbow Loom Birthday Party Invitation

Rainbow Loom Party Invite- Lili'sI created these invitations using PicMonkey and personalized them for my daughter. But I also created this blank version that you can click to open and then print for your own personal use!

Rainbow Loom Party- Blank

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party Order of Events

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party- set up

Guests arrive and join us at the kitchen table to begin making bracelets on the mini looms. Rubber bands are set out in bowls separated by color, making it easier for guests to find just what they want!

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party- starting the small loom

You’ll want to have a few adults on hand who have already “been trained” on how to use the mini looms. It isn’t complicated- it just takes some patience while you are learning.

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party- links on the small loom

And in no time- the kids will be creating links! Allow about 50 minutes for bracelet creating- everyone should easily complete one in that time frame, and experienced loomers may be able to create 4 or 5 bracelets. Use the next 5-10 minutes to allow all of the guests to build a small container of bands that they can take home in their favor bags (see below) for future bracelet making.

Cake and Punch

Momof6 Rainbow Cake5

Of course a rainbow cake is the perfect sweet treat for this party!

And it wouldn’t be a party without some Rowley Party Punch:

Party Punch

1 can of frozen orange juice concentrate
1 container of fruit punch
1 2 liter bottle of lemon-lime soda
1 container of rainbow sherbet

Fill a large punch bowl halfway with the fruit punch and add the lemon-lime soda until the bowl is ¾ full. Stir in one can of orange juice concentrate (found in the frozen foods section of the grocery store), and then top with scoops of rainbow sherbet. Gently stir and then enjoy!

Outside bracelet scavenger hunt

is the perfect way to end a rainbow loom party….. have your kids make some rainbow bracelets ahead of time,and hide them in the yard. Have party guests see how many they can find!

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party Favors

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party Favor1

Each guest can put their small tub of bands and their mini loom into favor bags that have already been pre-labeled with each guest’s name. Twist tie to close.

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party Thank You Notes

Rainbow Loom Thank You Cards

So do you think that your son or daughter would love a rainbow loom birthday party?

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party- bracelets

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  1. Cary Cox says

    Thanks so much for sharing your Rainbow Loom birthday party ideas! My daughter is turning 8 next month and I think we are going to duplicate your party! Great ideas!

  2. Charlotte says

    I LOVE your Rainbow Loom party ideas! You are so creative! I am not familiar with Pic Monkey but obviously should be. As time is of the essence I wondered if you would be willing to sell me a blank invitation, labels, etc? I Pay Pal account. Yet again…I don’t know how you do it! I only have one and struggle with keeping things organized!

    • says

      The invites and thank you cards are yours to print for free! Just click on the image above which will open a new window of the image and print at home!

    • says

      If you click to open the image in a new window, you can print the invite. You will then need to complete the information by hand. Alternatively, if you know how to use PicMonkey you can open the image in Picmonkey and add text over the lines.
      Have a great party!

    • says

      A mini loom is actually included in the rainbow loom kit- but if you want to purchase a bunch of them for a birthday party, you can do that right at the Rainbow Loom website!

  3. says

    Hi, I think that Rainbow Loom birthday party is a great idea and I think that my 8 year old would love to have her 9th birthday party there! Thanks for the great idea! My only question is where do you go to get the mini looms? Thanks


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