Do you Want To “Shred” With Me?

Every six months or so, a new diet book is released that captures my attention. Feeling frustrated my inability to drop “those nagging 10 pounds” and my general lack of motivation to really do something about it, I quickly buy the book, looking for a magical answer to my problem. So…. here we are again. It’s been a few months since I made this year’s New Year’s resolution to address this weight loss situation, and personally I’m not making much progress at it. Which is why my interest was piqued when I heard that Dr. Ian Smith came out with a new diet book called “Shred”.

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This book is specifically target targeted for people who are having trouble losing weight people they’ve reached a plateau point, where their bodies are accustomed to their good-eating habits and doing the same thing isn’t helping them to lose any additional weight. The diet operates under the premise of “diet confiusion”, an idea borrowed from the exercise world where trainers believe that if you work the same muscle groups the same way every day, that your body becomes used to the routine, becomes efficient at it, and doesn’t have to work as hard as it did when you first began that type of exercise. The theory of muscle confusion goes on to say that if you “change up your routine”, your muscles have to work harder because they are challenged. Dr Smith takes that idea from weight lifting and applies it to his 6-week diet cycle- mixing up the foods you eat so your body’s metabolism has to adjust to the constant change, causing it to work harder for you. That sounds like a good premise, doesn’t it?

Dr. Smith’s plan consists of three small meals and 3 -4 snacks a day, so you are eating every few hours. The diet is a series of one-week plans offered for a six week cycle. Each week has a unique approach, and offers a list of items that you can select for each meal or snack. When I first read through the book, I really had a sense that from an eating stand-point, this is something that I can do. Yes, some week will be more challenging than others- especially the week where you are eating lots of protein and fruit smoothies. And fire days a week you have to dedicate 30-45 minutes to cardio exercise- but it is okay if you want to break that up into two separate sessions during the day- even better if you mix it up and do two different type of cardio workouts.

I am ready to give this “Shred” diet a try and dedicate six weeks to this diet and exercise plan. Maybe this time I can really be heading down the path to success! So to get myself ready (and in true hyper-organized fashion), I decided to put together a printable that I can use to plan out my meals in advance, based on the menu choices in the book. This also allows me to know exactly what I need to buy at the grocery store, so that I have a greater chance of sticking with the plan.

Shred Diet Planning Sheet
*simply click to open and print or click this link

So how about you? Are you interested in shredding with me? If so, check out Ian Smith’s new book and download my printable so that we can get started “shredding” together! I could definitely use some support on this venture!

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    Your diary looks good. I can’t get it to open and print. Can you send me an attachment via email. A partner in Shred Nation.

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    I’d love to shred with you! I just started today…. I can’t seam to print it either. Can you send the file to me? Good luck and thanks for your help!

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