Momof6 Book Review: “I Promise Not to Suffer”

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a book review here on Momof6, and with the busy summer that we had- I didn’t really get a chance to do too much reading. One of the books that I read and loved last year was “Wild: from Lost to Found on the Pacific Coast Trail” by Cheryl Strayed, the story of a woman who hiked 1100 miles of the Pacific Coast Trail in a quest to learn about herself, not only as a hiker- but to understand where she was headed with her life.

So when I heard about the book, “I Promise Not to Suffer” that shares the story of Gail Storey and her husband Porter, a 50-something married couple who embarks along the entire Mexico to Canada length of the Pacific Coast Trail (nearly 3000 miles over 6 months), I just knew that I would love it and I couldn’t wait to dig in and read it! To take on a commitment of a journey like this- it is much more than just being about the “hike”. I seems that for many of the trekkers, it is also about a personal journey of discovery- of having time to think through your life, where you’ve been and where you are headed, to set some priorities for the future, and to also have some time to yourself to just think, and to be with nature. I am so envious of this mind-set! Could I handle a hike like this? Probably not. But to indulge in an journey of self-discovery like this? I relish the idea.


However, to take on a hike of this magnitude with your spouse- your life partner- your mate….. is either going to make or break your relationship. I know that my MacGyver-like husband would be a champ on a trek like this….. but could I keep up with him and not be a burden? I don’t think that I could. And that’s what Gail struggled with as well- the desire to conquer her own fears and limits, while not squashing his aspirations to accomplish this journey. It is one tough balancing act. There were plenty of times when she could have decided not to continue, but she found the inner strength to continue putting one foot in front of the other and in doing so, was given the opportunity to see and do things that she never thought that she would be capable of doing. But even more intriguing to me- was that when it came time to make some difficult decisions about the hike, she was able to do so without regrets. And while supporting her husband.

And of course, as an uber-organized person, I was fascinated to learn all about the logistics- how she travels, what she packs, how she managed carrying the load she did. I have never backpacked in my life- but it doesn’t mean that I’m not completely intrigued by the idea of such a hike. So maybe this summer it was an 8000 mile road trip with the kids. maybe someday it will be a 1000 mile hike. Who knows?

Would you like a chance to win a free copy of “I Promise Not to Suffer”? Leave me a comment below telling me why you are inspired to read it- and I will choose one winner at random on Sunday evening (8/25)!

Dream big people. Be brave.

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  1. Merri Ann says

    Like you I’m intrigued by the idea of this hike. For me … right now … I could not make this happen … possibly when the little ones are grown?

    I would love to read this book! Thanks for the review.

  2. Barbi says

    Dear Sharon,

    I have 5 sons to contend with on a daily basis so sometimes I feel like I’m on a billion mile hike so to speak, one day at a time, right?! After awhile on the motherhood path I started to wonder who I am, am I making the right decisions for our family, in my marriage, etc. The stuff most of us eventually get to, I guess. Well, this book sounds good to me for this time of my life. Sometimes you read stuff for a reason, it speaks to you in a way that on another day or time in your life just wouldn’t be the same. Glad you shared this with us.
    Toodles, Barbi

  3. Kris C. says

    With all the chaos surrounding the start of another school year, I could use a good dose of inspiration right about now! Seriously though, it’d be intriguing to read about how one finds inspiration and introspection during such a journey.

  4. Chastidy says

    This sounds like a very interesting story- thanks for posting a review! This would be a great book to read at our book club! We have all different ages of women- and this is actually a book I would gift to my mother, who is 56. I think she would enjoy it even more than myself. 🙂

  5. Julie G says

    I’d be delighted to read this! You know, for me, I think my reasoning for reading this book would be to see how she reacted to her husband in the toughest times. Did she depend on him, was she submissive to him even when she felt like giving up? I just love to hear stories and also learn from someone else experiences and mistakes. I’m constantly striving to be a better wife to my husband of 15 years (well, will be on 8/28) and a better mom to our six boys.
    I want to be that strong woman. I want to endure through the toughest of times and come out on the other end a better person, with the Lords help!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  6. Carol Lindberg says

    I’m inspired to read this book because I love adventures and we did our own mini-trip this summer and hiked in the Grand Canyon and other amazing places near Flagstaff. Plus I’m absolutely fascinated with the art of compromise, especially in the challenging circumstances of this journey. I’ve never backpacked either and my idea of camping is a Motel 6 🙂 . Although, I do go camping 2-3 times a year with my son’s Cub Scout Pack. Fast forwarding to when my son is grown up, I want him to remember that his mom went camping with him & my husband and to cherish those memories. Actually, I like everything about camping except having to find the bathroom in the middle of the night and the state of the showers!

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