Will You Read “Far From The Tree”?

Last month I had the chance to read several reviews of Andrew Solomon’s book “Far From The Tree: Parents, Children, and The Search for Identity”, and the subject so intrigued me that I was willing to disregard the hefty length of the book- 702 pages. And while I still haven’t tackled the entire book, but I was captured from the get-go… it is a fascinating read. And I was asked by the editors for iVillage to write a summary of the book for their readers….

Author Andrew Solomon spent 10 years interviewing more than 300 families with children who have been diagnosed with deafness, autism, Down syndrome, dwarfism, schizophrenia, or severe multiple disabilities. Some of these parents are raising transgender children, some are raising children born of rape. But the stories of these families offer advice that can benefit any type of family. Here are five things we learned from Far From the Tree:

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  1. Suzi says

    Started reading it this morning. It’s a great book. Glad I’m reading it on my Kindle so I can look up words easily! Really makes you think.

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