A “Fun Dip” Valentine’s Printable!

When I showed my kids some ideas that I found on Pinterest for Valentine’s Day…. (hello adorable fish bowl printable swimming with little sweedish fish!)… they all promptly gave them the thumbs down. And I was informed that the group “had voted” and they didn’t want to give out any lame-o Valentine’s this year (the implication being “as they did last year” when I copied Landee See Landee Do’s awesome lollipop idea!). They made it quite clear, that the candy of choice this year would be “Fun Dip”. You know, the electric-colored sour sugar that you eat with a stick that is also made entirely of sugar? Yep- that stuff.

So what’s a Mom to do?

Well cave-in of course! And then come up with a printable that goes along nicely with the sugar stick / sugar dip packaging!

Fun Dip Printable1

I cautiously showed the Valentine’s tag to my kids… would it pass muster? Or was it too corny? (My 7th grader has already made it entirely clear that I should not even consider equipping him with candy to pass out on February 14th!) Too many hearts? Too many references to hearts? Too many references to Valentine’s Day even?

Fun Dip Printable2

Fortunately it was met with rave reviews…. (I think that as long as I supplied the Fun Dip I probably could have gotten away with almost anything!)… so I am off to print, cut, and attach the little tags (with their help of course!).

Interested in creating your own? Head on out to your local grocery store and pick up your own supply of sugar on a stick with a side of sugar…. and then print out my Fun Dip Valentine’s cards!

8 Valentine's Fun Dip Cards

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  1. Brenda says

    I would like to print your wonderful fun dip valentines for my kindergarten kiddos!!! I could not find the link to print the valentines. Are they no longer available?


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