Cooking with the Kids: Butterbeer!

My older boys have been obsessed with all things Harry Potter for a while now. Last summer we even planned a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Universal Studios theme park while we were in Orlando visiting our family… and while we enjoyed the rides, and the souvenir shopping (especially for the wands!), what we loved the most was the butterbeer! Seriously, it was SO delicious- the perfect combination of creaminess and butterscotch all mixed together…  and it was available both as a drink and as a frozen treat! Hard to say which we loved more!

So when I came across a recipe for Butterbeer cupcakes as featured over at AmyBites, I knew that we had to try them! I think that they turned out beautifully, don’t you?

And while the crew and I do admit that the cupcakes tasted quite yummy…. we all agreed that that they were more butter-scotch like, than butter-beer. Perhaps I added too much of the butterscotch sauce to the cupcake centers….  I’m not sure. But this did not satisfy our craving for butterbeer…..

So off to Google I went…..

And let me tell you….  there are lots of people out there posting recipes for what they believe is the actual butterbeer concoction sold at Universal’s Harry Potter theme park…  the original recipe of course seems to be a well-guarded secret! Skipping some of the more complicated mutli-step recipes, we decided to try this one that I found on the Florida Thrills Network site:

For the butterbeer base, you start with regular ‘ole cream soda. This recipe called for bottled IBC Cream Soda, but all I was able to find at my local grocery store was canned Mug cream soda. Of course, we knew it would taste much more authentic if we served it in the souvenir glasses that we purchased at Universal!

Next we made the foam topping (it makes enough for two servings of butterbeer):

1/3 Cup Heavy Cream
2 Tablespoons Sugar
1 Tablespoon Powdered Sugar
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

Whip to desired consistency.

Pour Cream Soda into glass. Layer foam on top with spoon, and allow to rest for 10-20 seconds for the soda to mix in with the foam.

 And how did it taste? Well pretty darn good actually! I would say it is still just a bit off from the what I remember the Universal beverage tasting like….  I think this recipe could stand a bit of butterscotch syrup thrown into the foam, and that might just make it perfect! And this of course, gives me another reason to try it with my kids…..  to see if we can develop the perfect combination on our own!


Also from our summer camp at home “Cooking With Kids” series:

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    Someone told me a realistic butterbeer (2 servings) was 12oz cream soda, 8oz club soda and 2-4oz (depending on sweetness preference) of caramel or butterscotch syrup (like Starbucks, etc sells for coffee) topped w/ sweetened cream and drizzled w/ butterscotch or caramel sundae syrup. I haven’t tried it yet because I want the original first. that’ll have to wait until after the new baby arrives tho. 😉


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