Cooking with the Kids…. Flip-Flop Cookies!

My kids finally had their last day of school this past Friday…  so it was definitely time to celebrate the start of our summer vacation! I had found this adorable idea for sandal cookies from Family Fun magazine a long time ago, and saved it for this perfect occasion- the kick-off for our summer camp at home, “Camp Rowley”!



You’ll need:

  • oval sandwich-style cookies (we used Keebler Vienna Fingers and Pepperidge Farm Milano)
  • icing (okay normally I would have made my own, but we just returned from our first ever family camping trip, which I will write about later this week, so you’ll have to forgive me here!)
  • sour gummy worms

Using food coloring, I dyed half of the icing a cool summer blue and the other half a sunny summer yellow!  Next we took clean kitchen scissors, and cut each gummy worm in half length-wise, but only 2/3 of the way down the worm.  This is what will create the sandal strap.

Spread the colored icing onto the top of the cookie.

Add your flip-flop strap…..  and eat!

Also from our summer camp at home “Cooking With Kids” series:

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