Olympic Torch Cupcakes!


Olympic Torch Cupcakes

At 7:30pm tomorrow night, my family and I will be glued to the TV watching the Opening Ceremony at the Sochi Winter Olympics! Truly- we cannot wait! So just as we did for the Super Bowl- we plan to make a family party out of this special event, and set up a buffet of goodies to eat and allow the kids to enjoy their dinner and dessert in front of the TV. I wanted to include a special dessert to fit the Olympic theme, and inspired by similar ideas I saw on Pinterest, I created these Olympic Torch Cupcakes!

Olympic Torch Cupcakes place in cone Olympic Torch Cupcakes!

To create these cute cupcakes, I simply baked a batch of regular cupcakes from a boxed cake mix using liners in muffin tins, and once they cooled, I removed the paper liner and popped them into a flat-bottomed Ice cream cone.

Okay…. truth be told- at first I attempted to create my cupcakes by actually baking them inside of the ice cream cone…. but this happened:

cupcake cone fail Olympic Torch Cupcakes!

They looked nice and puffy coming out of the oven, but as they cooled- they fell back into the cone and became all mushy. Bummer. So trust me- bake them separately and add your cupcakes to the cones once they are cooled.

Olympic Torch Cupcakes in tray Olympic Torch Cupcakes!

I used a large sheet of foil over a 13×9 pan and cut 12 X’s in the foil to create a way to hold the cones in place as I decorated them.

Olympic Torch Cupcakes icing colors Olympic Torch Cupcakes!

I made a big batch of my favorite cake/cookie icing and used food coloring to create yellow, orange, and red icing for the Olympic flames.

Olympic Torch Cupcakes place colors in piping bag Olympic Torch Cupcakes!

I used a large spoon to place the icing in the piping bag- trying to keep each color in it’s own third of the bag.

Olympic Torch Cupcakes piping bag in tall glass Olympic Torch Cupcakes!

And remember- it is always easier to fill a piping bag by first placing it inside of a tall cup!

Olympic Torch Cupcakes Olympic Torch Cupcakes!

I piped “strings” of the swirled icing from the bottom up, leaving the top of the cone spiky- just like flames shooting up from the torch! It takes quite a bit of icing to create the flame effect… but the kids sure don’t mind having the chance to goggle up plenty of extra icing!

Tomorrow I’ll share with you a round-up of other ideas you can use to celebrate the start of the Winter Olympics with your family. And you can check out the entire Olympic Games TV schedule¬†here!

What events are you most excited to watch with your family? (At our house- it’s snowboarding, skiing, hockey, and figure skating!)

Sharons Signture Olympic Torch Cupcakes!

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1 Suzi February 6, 2014 at 9:25 am

Will you ever cease to amaze me??? Neil thinks you should open a bakery shoppe. I said “of course, she has nothing else to do”


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