An Easy DIY Winter Wreath

I admire the beautiful wreaths that I see displayed on the front doors of homes, and I swoon over the gorgeous homemade ones on Pinterest. And every so often I make up my mind that I want to try creating one of my own, so I head on over too the local craft store and wander the aisles of styrofoam rings, silk flowers and floral wire, and after putting items into my shopping cart and then pulling them back out again over and over, I usually just give up on the idea and walk out of the store empty-handed. The problem is- I have no idea of what to do, how to pull it together, and how to even construct the darn thing. It’s almost like walking into a grocery store when you don’t know how to cook, staring at all of the ingredients, and wondering how in the world you combine them to make a soufflé. I needed a recipe….

Winter Wreath Project- The Materials

I also needed to start with a simple project- something that was only a few steps. Forget the soufflé- I needed to start with the boxed-cake-mix of wreaths… so instead of craft foam, I purchased two grapevine wreaths. Because they are already a wreath just as they are, really. All round, and woodsy and rustic-looking on their own. (Of course once I purchased them I wondered if I could have just gathered woody-vines that are abundant in the woods behind my house and made these myself for free!) I also purchased some silk flowers, a small roll of floral wire, and some ribbon. There- I had all the makings of a winter wreath!

DIY Winter Wreath- Adding the Flowers

After a little trial-and-error, I figured out the best way to attach the flowers was to create a loop with the wire and then wrap the loop around the flower head, snuggling the wire down in tightly amongst the petals so it would both hold the flower in place while hiding the wire from view. I then twisted the wire to hold it in place on the flower, and then secured the wire to one of the wooden vines of the wreath. The trick was to nestle each flower in close to one another and close to the wreath so that it would remain secure even while hanging on my front door on a blustery winter day.

Winter Wreath Project- On the DoorI then added my ribbon at the top and hung them from command hooks on the door (that can easily be removed later). I love the way the wreaths dress up our front door, making our home more welcoming to guests. And I can’t help but feel a sense of pride knowing that I created them myself!

Next Up…

Now that I am feeling a bit braver in my wreath-making skills, I am going to tackle a project that I have long-admired… this felt heart wreath for Valentine’s Day from The Idea Room:

Valentine's Wreath | The Idea Room

Amy provides great instructions on her blog, and it seems pretty simple to do… just a bit time-consuming to cut out all of the red felt circles. Hopefully I will complete it this week and share it with you on Friday when I show off my new Valentine’s mantle!

Have you ever created a DIY wreath? Any advice for a wreath-making newbie?

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