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I am hoping that this Friday finds you in the midst of a long holiday weekend with your family….. but in case patience is starting to run short (for either you OR the kids), I thought I would share with you again this fun kids craft that the kids and I made together last summer…. CD Case Mazes made with Bendaroos!

Most kids love to do mazes….  and 3D mazes where you try to move a marble through the maze are even better! So when I came across this great idea to make CD Labyrinths from Projects by Teri, I saved it in my Evernote notebook to use as an idea for our Camp Rowley! This is a super easy craft for kids that requires supplies you probably already have lying around the house- plastic CD cases and Bendaroos!  In case you are unsure about what a Bendaroo is….  it’s quite possible that you have seen a commercial for them on TV at some point. They are waxed bendable sticks that you can use to create all kinds of cool critters!

Bendaroos Great Kids Craft: CD Case Mazes!

You can buy a pack of 500 of them for $8.99 on Amazon right now (click the picture link below). You’ll find tons of uses for them beyond just this fun project!

 Great Kids Craft: CD Case Mazes! Great Kids Craft: CD Case Mazes!

Of course Teri’s mazes looked fantastic in pictures, and served as awesome inspiration for me and the kids!

CD Labyrinths Projects by Teri Great Kids Craft: CD Case Mazes!

You can use scissors to cut the bendaroos to the length that you desire…  and then simply press them down hard into the CD case to get them to stick to the case and create the maze.

CD Labyrinths3 Great Kids Craft: CD Case Mazes!

Periodically stop to check that your marble will fit along the path that you are creating…

CD Labyrinths6 Great Kids Craft: CD Case Mazes!

And you also need to check that your maze has a beginning and an ending point!

CD Labyrinths5 Great Kids Craft: CD Case Mazes!

 The kids loved trading them and trying out each other’s creations!

CD Labyrinths4 Great Kids Craft: CD Case Mazes!

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1 JM October 28, 2013 at 6:57 pm

Wouldn’t the ball stick to the walls? I’ve never used Bendaroos but I want to try this craft with my Brownies. If they are wax strings and stick to the plastic of the case, I’m just unsure how you could roll a ball around through it? Thanks in advance for the info!


2 Sharon
Twitter: sharonmomof6
October 30, 2013 at 11:43 am

The marble doesn’t stick to the bendaroos if you are just rolling it thru the maze. You would need to really push the marble up against it to force it to stick….


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