Summer Chores and Allowances for Kids

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Summer chores and allowances

I have a hard time sticking with a plan to assign the kids chores, follow up with them on whether or not they accomplished their chores, and then paying them a weekly allowance for getting them done. With school work, homework, a packed after-school activity schedule (not individually, but as a family as a whole), and a lack of free time…. this always just sort of falls off my list of good intentions. But when summer rolls around… it’s a different ball game.

Chore Chart1 Summer Chores and Allowances for Kids

Summer Homework

Summer Goals and Homework Summer Chores and Allowances for Kids

With more free time comes more responsibility. And as I already discussed in last week’s post 4 Tips on How to Avoid the Summer Slide, we have developed a homework plan for each of our children involving math review, daily reading, and a weekly writing assignment, and for my kids that are learning an instrument in school, weekly music practice. To keep all of those assignments in the forefront of their minds, I created a weekly checklist in Evernote, and then printed out enough copies for each week of the summer, and pinned this to their summer clipboards.

Summer Chores

Chores Summer Chores and Allowances for Kids

Each child has chores assigned for the summer- some are daily and some are required just once weekly. The kids each had input as to what chores they wanted to tackle this summer… and of course they truly won’t take up tons of their time (contrary to their initial protests on the matter!).

Summer Allowances

Our kids can earn $5 per week each for successful homework completion (which includes the requirement that they complete their work without nagging and constant reminding), and that money can be used for vacation souvenir spending. This is really nice for us because when we are on vacation walking around a small town doing a little window shopping, I don’t have anyone begging me to buy them things…. they know how much money they’ve earned, and they are free to spend it on whatever silliness they desire!

Each of our kids can also earn an additional $5 per week for completing their chores (again, without complaint or compliance gained by my nagging!) and that money goes into their allowance jars, and can be used towards anything “big” that they wish to save up for…. but truth be told… I strongly discourage them from just spending their money on whatever junk they can get their hands on in the dollar aisle at Target.

So, do you require your kids to do homework and chores over the summer? Or is there truth in my childrens’ claim that I am the ONLY Mom who makes their kids do these things?

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