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An indoor water park…. in the summer? I say yes- absolutely! No worries about sinking money into admission tickets and then having a late afternoon storm close the park! No applying and re-applying sunscreen! No fighting the day camp crowds! A trip to the Great Wolf Lodge is just pure pleasure! Now this is not necessarily a field trip that you take during the week all on your own- with just you and the kids…  it’s really more of a one night away family adventure. In fact, Great Wolf Lodge does not sell day passes at all- a night’s stay is required for park admission….  and that makes it easy to keep the crowds under control.

Great Wolf Lodge Poconos main Summer Camp At Home Field Trip: Great Wolf Lodge

While this was not our first foray into wolf territory… it was our first stay at the Poconos location, and I would have to say it is now our paws-down favorite. The main reason? This incredible water slide meets roller coaster fun fest called “The Hydro Plunge”.

Hydro Plunge Summer Camp At Home Field Trip: Great Wolf Lodge

It’s like a water slide that has been pimped-up with conveyor belts. So after you travel down a slide, you are immediately whisked up the next ramp and then released into your next water-filled descent. It is really the most creative thrill ride that you can imagine…  at an indoor water park! So while the older three queued up repeatedly for this ride (as well as a few other daredevil adventures), the younger three were endlessly entertained in the wave pool and lazy river.

Occasionally we had to stop and do this:

GreatWolfLodge Summer Camp At Home Field Trip: Great Wolf Lodge

Or tempt our fate at the Leap Frog pond….

GWL Leap Frog1 Summer Camp At Home Field Trip: Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodges are one of the few hotels where we can actually “own up” to having six kids, because their rooms are large enough to accommodate eight people. And Disney imagineers themselves could not have designed a more attractively-themed room. There are a variety of meal options, including take out Pizza Hut (right on the premises) that you can quickly devour in your room before heading back for more aqua-fun. And should you become tired of all of that water play- there are plenty of other activities- including a teen-hangout room, a fantastic arcade, and a MagicQuest adventure which involves a magic wand that unlocks clues….  what could be better?

Great Wolf Lodge water parks are just fantastic. You really need to go.

Discliamer: This blogger was not compensated in any way for the review published herein. However, should Great Wolf Lodge feel the need to have our family come by and “try things out” again (on their dime), we would be more than happy to accommodate their request!

Photo credits: The first three photos are courtesy of The Great Wolf Lodge website

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1 Lynne Stark August 11, 2011 at 6:21 am

Perfect timing Sharon, thanks! Question: do you think three nights is too long to stay there? Do you know if there other things to do in the area???


2 Sharon
Twitter: sharonmomof6
August 11, 2011 at 6:39 am

I do think that three nights is too long to stay there…. when you stay just one night- you get to play at the waterpark from 1pm on the day you arrive and the entire next day as well. More than enough time for one waterpark. And if you did decide to stay in the area to do other things, I would switch to a less expensive hotel- it’s kind of crazy to pay the premium price for the room (because the waterpark passes are included).


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