Fun Thing To Do With the Kids: Karaoke and Dance Parties!

Let me just apologize right her up front, that today you won’t be seeing any pictures of my adorable offspring participating in these fun activities….  because while I was able to talk them into (okay, I begged them) taking pictures and singing for my “blog conference audition video”…  they all wanted NO PART of being in pictures featuring them singing family room karaoke or getting their groove on at one of our family dance parties. So you’ll have to have to picture their cuteness….  in your imagination!

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Our kids received this karaoke machine at Christmas…. and at first everyone was a bit shy to use it. That is until Mom and Dad showed them how it was done! Soon after they were battling it out over the microphone (literally sometimes, unfortunately). Family favs include Lady GaGa and Kings of Leon…  all found on this CD.

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And while I was out on amazon “researching” the links for this post, I came across this new karaoke CD…  hmm…  someone at our house might be getting this one as a birthday present next month!

[amazon-product image=”″ tracking_id=”moof6-20″ type=”image”]B003VSTBHQ[/amazon-product]

Even more than singing karaoke, we love to have a family room dance party! We crank up the tunes and let our inner groove shine! I even downloaded some group dance favorites such as “The Cha Cha Slide”…  a great way for us to get our party started! Before moving on to the Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, and so on!

Anyone else share the dance party tradition at your house?

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