How To Have Summer Camp At Home!

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Getting Your camp Started

For the past 5+ years now, I’ve been holding our own “summer camp at home” that I like to call “Camp Rowley”. Now there’s a few reasons why we take this approach…. for one thing- it would be quite expensive to send 6 kids to summer camp. Any summer camp- even the local town camp at $375 per child for the season, runs our family more than $2200! I would much rather use some of that money to fund some great family experiences. Not to mention, with 6 kids- I practically have our own camp-sized group already assembled! But the real reason why I prefer to hold our own camp at home is that it gives us a chance to do things at our own pace with or without a schedule. We spend the other 9 1/2 months a year getting up to an early call from the alarm clock, rushing through the morning routine, coming home and tackling homework and activities and getting to bed on time so that we can get up the next morning and start the routine all over again. Even our weekends are packed with enough activities that we rarely have an entire day off to do whatever we’d like to do.

So for us… that’s what summer is all about.

But that’s not to say that we don’t put some serious planning into it. Because if we didn’t… there would be way too much TV watching / electronics viewing going on around here! So we put together a schedule of cool field trips, lists of fun things to do at home, ideas for crafts that we want to make, and plug all of this onto a calendar that we can all see. Everyone gets a chance to contribute ideas to the list, and we try to assign something to every day- even if it is something small and easy- such as “go out for ice cream cones”. ┬áIt helps if every day has some sort of “anchor”, something that you know you plan to do. It gets you up a moving (eventually!) and when you chase all of the kids into the yard to “go and play’, you can remind them that you’ll be leaving to go and get those ice cream cones in another hour or so.

Feeling inspired to try your own summer camp at home?

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So who’s up for summer camp at home this year?

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