Summer Camp at Home- Final Set up Tips & Creating a “Gratitude Wall”


Getting Your Summer Camp at Home Started

Okay- so we’re just about ready to start our summer camp at home!  Woo Hoo!  But I have a few last tips to share with you first:

Assemble Supplies for Arts & Crafts

Yes, we know that I am all about “planning ahead”…..  but I promise you that it is so much easier to shop at several craft stores right now while the kids are still in school, than it will be when you have to haul all of them into the store with you, and beg them to stop touching the displays 1000 times.  So your best approach is to pull together your ideas for arts & crafts now, and write up a list of all of the supplies that you’ll need to get you through the summer.  Don’t forget to add summer staples like glue, glitter, fabric paint, melty beads, and sidewalk chalk!

Organize Craft Supplies Momof6 200x300 Summer Camp at Home  Final Set up Tips & Creating a Gratitude Wall

This would also be a great time to dig out all of your craft kits….. you know….  the ones your kids received for birthday presents from well-meaning family and friends, but that you’ve never had a chance to do…..  I like to put them as well as any other craft items that kids can do on their own into a big “boredom buster box”.  On a rainy day (or even the 5th day of 100+ degrees in a row), you can pull out the box and have a bunch of fresh ideas to entertain the kids.

Organize Craft Supplies The Back Up Momof6 200x300 Summer Camp at Home  Final Set up Tips & Creating a Gratitude Wall

Menu Plan Your Lunches

We’e going for easy here…  it is so much better to have an overall weekday lunch plan that you can tweak and change around when needed, than to be staring into the fridge at noon every day wondering what the heck you are going to feed everyone!  Here’s mine…

  • Mondays:  sandwiches or ham rollups
  • Tuesdays:  chicken nuggets
  • Wednesdays:  quesadillas
  • Thursdays:  macaroni and cheese
  • Fridays:  hot dogs or grilled cheese

Create a Gratitude Wall

I think a great way to celebrate the fantastic summer that you are having with your family is to take and print pictures and save mementos each week from your activities, and create a wall collage.  We create ours on the refrigerator…

It helps you to be thankful that you have worked so hard to create this great summer for you and your family to enjoy together, and it also actually helps the kids to remember that the summer hasn’t been “boring”!  They especially love to show Daddy the pictures from the outings that we went on without him, and share with him all of the fun that we had!

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1 Christine@TheAums June 3, 2011 at 5:47 pm

Hi Sharon! Can you recommend any websites to purchase art supplies? I’ve been a fan of Discount School Supply, but wondering what else might be out there. I’m also wondering, if/when/how you introduce new food to the kids or does sticking to a menu plan not allow for that? I LOVE the idea of a gratitude wall collage and I now know what I’m going to do with a blank wall in my kitchen that is just piling up with scratches and fingerprints…Thank you!
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2 Sharon
Twitter: sharonmomof6
June 5, 2011 at 9:29 am

I have used Discount School Supply before- and they are great for basics. Like last year I bought a pack of 100 pieces of colored posterboard (which will last for years), and all year it has been so nice to just go into the basement and allow the kids to pick a color of posterboard when they have a school project, vs having to run out to the store. Anyway- I digress…… to buy craft supplies for this summer- I first hit Target and Michaels…. and then I took the remaining items on the list and used amazon to find them all, and I searched using their free super savings shipping option. Most of what I was missing came from Stuff 4 Scrapbooking.
Introducing a new food to kids….. such a hard topic. I know that all of the experts say that kids might try foods 10 times before they actually like it- but that’s alot of food being thrown away, and who knows if they will really like it the 10th time? Luckily I have 4 of the 6 that willingly try almost anything new…. a 5th who will try something if my husband coaxes him into it, but the 6th just won’t. He is 7 years old and he has always been a picky/selective eater. And you know what? That’s just who he is…. over the past few year he has added new foods to his list of things he eats- but only when he has decided to try them. Begging, pleading bribing, and forcing him to eat a new food just never works.


3 Christine@TheAums June 7, 2011 at 12:50 pm

Thank you! I so wish I had a Target and Michael’s near me…I have to drive at least 40 minutes to get to either one. I try to serve small portions of something new along with the familiar, but I keep my expectations low. Actually, another way to familiarize them with new food the recommended “10″ times is to enjoy it with your husband enough times in front of them. I always find my kids asking for tastes of something I’m not pleading for them to try, lol!
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