My approach to “keeping house”… Part 4: The Basement Dumping Ground!

So what do you do with all of the stuff that you want to eventually get rid of, or is just “too good” to throw away?  In our house, it makes it’s way to our “basement dumping ground.” At least that’s what Steve calls it. The way I look at it, is that we are lucky to have this storage area that can serve as a giant catch-all for us. It’s where I keep all of the things that I don’t need right now, but I might need someday. Things like shoe boxes, baby food jars, and plastic lemonade containers which can all be called into action at a later date as supplies for an art project or in some other as-yet-undetermined capacity. In this big basement dumping ground, we even have furniture that we no longer use, but it far too good to just dispose of…. you never know, we might put them back into use someday.
I have an area where I store all of the gift-wrapping supplies, and an area reserved for paper goods stockpiling (paper towels and toliet paper). This is my mini-warehouse of holiday decorations and leftover birthday party favors. Not to mention a small fridge brought along from a previous address, and our big freezer.

But in this land of all of this “good stuff”…. there are plenty of items that are in our basement just for transitional purposes. As I mentioned yesterday, I will store bags of toys down there as they await their trip to their final destination- the local rummage sale. I would rather realize that my kids still wanted that toy while it is down in the basement vs. when it is already gone from our home for forever. The basement is also where our old electronics have come to gather dust until they move on to their next home (likely the same rummage sale).

Once a year or so, I will spend a few hours downstairs, weeding through the items that have gathered and deciding which ones have reached the end of the line, their time to exit our home.  But generally Steve and I both know that the only way we are ever going to force ourselves to plow through all of this stuff and decide that it is time for much of it to go….  is when we decide to sell this house someday- and we are forced to select what will move with us, and what will move out of our lives……  well that, or maybe if I ever decide to sell some of this on ebay…..  (now THERE’S an IDEA!)

Do you operate with a basement-dumping ground, or some variation on this theme? Does it work for you?

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  1. Ann says

    I have to dump upwards..into three different attics! (The basement is too small.) The garage has some dumping space, too. It’s not a good idea to leave the garage door open. No one wants to expose their dumping ground like that!


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