5 Favorite Summer Highlights!

This is the last true week of summer at our house. Forget what the weather man says…. this is the last week before the kids head back to school, and therefore, it is our last week of summer. And while that does make me feel a bit sad…. I have to say that our family has had one fantastic summer! So I thought I would throw out this week’s Listable Life topics, and instead share with you my Top 5 Highlights from Summer 2012!

#1. Our trip to Traverse City Michigan

In late June we headed out to my husband’s hometown of Romeo, MI to celebrate the high school graduation of our nephew Ben. Now to me it seems like just yesterday that he was the little tyke who served as the ring-bearer in our wedding…. but apparently he has grown up and is on his way to college! We were so excited to celebrate his special day with him, our family and his friends, before heading up to Northern Michigan to one of our favorite towns- Traverse City for a week of family vacation and relaxation!

On this trip, my three older sons were taught how to play Euchre by their grandparents which led to many late night card games during our trip! And we were so lucky to be joined by husband’s cousin’s family for a few days- who are some of my most favorite people in the world (love you Brad, Jen, Addy, and Skyler)! It was just a great family vacation and an awesome start to summer!

*And if you are impressed my scrapbook style of photos above, then stay tuned for my future post on How to Make Digital Scrapbook Pages using PicMonkey!

#2- Our visit to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

I shared a post on this trip earlier this summer, but our trip to Mammoth Cave, KY was just fantastic- and the kids are still talking about it! It is such a unique and unusual experience, and I am so glad that we made time to fit this in during our way back home from Michigan (even through it isn’t even remotely on our way home!)

#3- Hiking at Bushkill Falls, PA on my birthday!

We visited this park two summers ago, and when I had the chance to do choose what I wanted to do with the kids on my birthday this year, this is what I picked! In just a few hours, you can hike even the longest trails in the park and see 8 spectacular water falls! It is so beautiful- and not crowded at all. And we even had the chance to enjoy our picnic lunch right next to a tall waterfall that dropped into a quiet little pool where small kids could splash and play.

#4- Camping with the Kids

We went on several camping vacations this summer…. including the Bushkill Falls trip above, and Mammoth Cave, and to Herkimer NY and we loved it each time. My favorite part is spending the evening together in the tent, playing cards, listening to the kids chat, and just being together as a family. I also love waking up the next morning and cooking breakfast over our camp stove!

#5- A Week in New Hampshire

If this list was only going to have one thing on it- our trip to New Hampshire would have been on the top of the list! We rented a house in the White Mountains area, and spent the week, hiking, and exploring, biking, and riding an aerial tram, and eating lots of ice cream. Evenings were spent together on the couch watching the Summer Olympic games (another highlight in itself!). We fell in love with this area of the country and can’t wait to go back!

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      I love Traverse City! We were on the Mission Peninsula…. the east side (I can’t remember which bay that is!). I just love the whole area- the landscape, the town, the hiking and kayaking opportunities. It is so beautiful. And being a midwestern girl myself- I appreciate how friendly everyone is!

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