5 Reasons to Live a More Organized Life!

As you know, yesterday I launched a brand new “Boot Camp” here on Momof6 called “Get Your Life Organized” in the hopes that I can help more Moms gain control over an unorganized household, schedule, and busy life! But why should anyone even want to be organized? And does it really make a difference and impact how you feel- and boost up your general happiness? Well obviously I think so! And here’s why:

1. Being Organized Allows You to Clear Your Head

When you don’t have a good system in place for keeping track of appointments and things that you want to do, you end up relying on your brain to try and remember it all. Now I don’t know about you…. but ever since I started having children, my brain routinely fails me. There are days I am lucky to even remember my kids names- let alone who has a dentist appt at what time and which kid has a field trip that requires me to send them in with a brown bag lunch!

Being organized and using a calendar system and to-do lists earns you the right to “write it down and forget about it”. And when you are organized- you aren’t looking at piles of paperwork all over the kitchen counter that stress you out!

2. Being Organized Eliminates Those Last Minute Panics

Where am I supposed to be right now? Did I send in those 3rd grade class dues yet? And Holy Moses- what time does that birthday party end? If it is all written down for you it is much easier to avoid that anxiety that builds deep-down in the pit of your stomach when you realize that you forgot to pick up your child on time or that you are the parent that let the class down! Being organized means you won’t wake up at 2am in a cold sweat because you just remembered that yesterday was your Mother’s birthday- and you forgot to call her!

3. Being Organized Means Not Letting Anyone Down

Especially you. Or your kids. Ever miss an event at school because you just forgot? Not take your child to the birthday party that you RSVP’d to, because it slipped your mind? It feels awful when you disappoint your family because you don’t “have it together”.

4. Being Organized Leaves You With A Cleaner House

Do you know what a pain it is to dust around all of those piles of paperwork every day? And all of that clutter isn’t just physical… it makes your mind feel cluttered too. Cleaning it up and getting organized allows your whole house to feel, well… cleaner!

5. Being Organized Opens Up More Time In Your Life

Because you aren’t constantly searching for things! Because when you see things written down on a to-do list- you can actually focus on the items that are important to you, and more easily see the things that are eating up time in your life but are not making you and your family happy. Once I started keeping a detailed family calendar, it became very apparent that we were over-scheduled in some areas of our life, and that I was too often saying “yes” to every request for help from our school. Seeing it all in writing allowed me to make some hard decisions as to where to invest my time.

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  1. says

    Being organized definitely factors into our family’s happiness. With three little ones, I have more time for playing and less time chasing behind them and cleaning. Also, I find that when I am on my A game, I can enjoy more activities that I like, such as watching sitcoms and jogging.
    Erin {Home Everyday} recently posted..Smart Cookies: "Lucy" Cookies

    • says

      I agree Erin- when I am organized, things just run more smoothly and once in a while I even find the time to squeeze in the things that are important to me, such as reading or doing yoga!

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