5 Reasons Why Kids Should Play Organized Sports!

I think it’s kind of funny that I have turned out to be such a “soccer Mom”. Because I never played soccer growing up, in fact… I never really played on any sort of a sports team. I never became skilled at hitting a baseball, shooting baskets, or hitting a puck with a hockey stick, and since I decided early on that I didn’t have these skills…. I pretty much gave up on trying. And looking back, I think that’s a shame. Now I certainly don’t think that every kid needs to be on some sort of a sports team- but I do think that if your child shows some sort of interest in a sport- it is an awesome thing to pursue for your child. And here’s why:

1. Sports Gives Kids Connections

When a child is on a sports team, especially on a team that is made up of kids from different schools, it gives your child a chance to form friendships and make connections with teammates and coaches that are outside of the group of kids that he or she sees at school every day. This can provide your child with a great back-up system if there is ever some sort of social falling out in school. Which is known to happen once in awhile- with girls at least.

2. Sports Builds Confidence

Having the opportunity to run out onto the field and make an effort for the team can be a great confidence builder. Your child learns that taking risks- taking a shot on goal for example- can sometimes pay off, and sometimes not… but it is worthwhile to try!

3. Sports Teaches Kids How to Lose

We do live in a bit of a “trophy culture” where we hand out trophies for just showing up! But one of the best lessons that kids can get out of sports, is that we cannot win every game. And kids need to learn how to lose a game, and then handle it gracefully, by shaking hands with the other team, not blaming the ref for every “bad call”, and not allowing the loss to ruin the rest of their day, or their enthusiasm for the sport.

4. Sports Promote Healthy Activity

There is no better way to get kids off of the couch, and away from the game console than by having to attend two or three practices plus a game every week. And it takes the pressure off of Mom to be the one to come up with fun and enticing activities to lure them away from said couch.

5. Sports Can Be a Pathway to Adult Friendships

On Sunday mornings, a mens league gets together for soccer games at our town park, and once in awhile we happen to drive past the park when they are playing- and it reminds me that I really hope that my kids ability to play soccer or football (or whatever else they decide to play) will allow them to join leagues or participate in pick-up games in whatever city they decide to live in when they are all-grown up.

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  1. says

    AMEN, AMEN, AMEN! And the benefits we experience as parents are equally rewarding: the relationships we develop with other families, being the PARENTS of healthy kids, the opportunities to bond with our child when they experience the highs and lows of sports.
    I am quite excited to have my children in sports (and crossing fingers and toes that they feel the same way!)

    • says

      Agreed! In my post I shared why sports are good for kids, but I agree with you, kids sports are good for us as grown ups too! Seeing the other parents at practice or on the sidelines of games is a great way for me to make new friends and connect with old ones. And cheering for my kids gives me such personal joy! Not to mention, I love watching them play just as much as I enjoy watching any sort of sporting event on TV! Thanks so much for your comment today!

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