5 Things I Would Love to Do With My Photos- If I Could Find the Time!

Once upon a time, I was an avid scrapbooker. Okay, that was three kids and one less blog ago… but when I see my kids head over to our bookshelves and pull down their scrapbooks and sit for hours going through them page by page, looking at pictures and reading stories about their earlier days… well, it makes me wish that I could carve out some time now to go through my pictures and start getting “caught up”. Except… well, I think I am now more than 2 years behind, and I wonder if I should just throw in the towel and start just loading all of my photos out there on Instagram and tell the kids to find them if they can!

But if I was somehow going to get my photo act together… this is what I would tackle:

1. Learn how to really use my digital camera!

Steve and I invested in a decent digital camera a few years ago, and although I once half-heartedly tried to ready the manual- I still have no idea on how to use it unless I just leave it on the “auto” setting. Which my good friend Amanda says is totally lame- and that she would be happy to teach me how to use it. Except she lives about 6 hours away from me. Which is too far to go for coffee.

So instead I think I’ll read a book. Luckily- I purchased such a book- and I allow it to stare at me in a taunting way from the in-box on my desk….

2. And I need to get my act together with my iPhone

Because I now know that even “real photographers” rely on their iPhones as their primary camera to capture their own lives. I even signed up for a course at BlogHer called ‘iPhoneography” to learn all about using my iPhone for photography. Except clearly this was an advanced class for people who are already doing it, and know the difference between a lens and a filter (and I don’t). So basically, it was all over my head.

Undaunted- I bought another book…. that I don’t have time to read….

3. I want to master digital scrapbooking

I know for me, this is the only way I can even possibly scrapbook going forward. It will allow me to easily replicate pages that cover family events, such as vacations, 6 times- rather than separately creating 6 pages. And I tried a little digital scrapbooking this summer- using picmonkey– and I loved it (and doesn’t this example just look awesome-sauce?!). I just need to keep doing it!

4.Get control over my albums in iPhoto

I thought I was a rockstar this past weekend, when I went through this past year’s photos in iPhoto, separated them into albums by events (rather than just by upload date), and deleted all of the ones that I no longer need (like the ones I take for my blog!). But this is just the beginning…. I need to go through each album and keep just the photos I want to digitally scrap, and also select the ones I want to put into our year-end video.

5. Finish scrapbooking all of the pictures I have printed…

Just look a this pile of photos I’ve printed, that are sitting here, waiting for my journaling and page layouts. And just think, if I ever get that accomplished, I can move it to this spot where it can join all of the other pages that are just sitting here awaiting assembly!

Oh yeah. And if I ever get that under control… maybe I can clean up the bottom section of the desk too!

So how about you? Are you an avid scrapbooker who has failed to “keep up” as you would like? Or are you on top of things in the photo-album area?

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  1. says

    I love making annual Shutterfly photo books. Only thing is I am two years behind. I’ve just started making a Disneyland book because it’s fresh in my memory, plus I want to gift it to my mom who treated us to such a fabulous vacation. I’m hoping this will help motivate me to catch up on the other books and complete baby books for my two daughters who are now 3 and 5.
    christine@TheAums recently posted..Teaching My Kids Spanish Has Not Been Easy

    • says

      I’ve used Shutterfly books too… but if memory serves, it was hard for me to include all of the things I wanted to write about the event in the Shutterfly book. And that “journaling” is what makes our scrapbooks so cool- the kids get to read all of the details about an event that they’ve forgotten or were too young to remember.

    • says

      I thought when the kids were all in school I would have this big window of time that would open up in my life and allow me to get all kinds of things done- like scrapbooking. Instead I created this thing called a blog, and then took a part-time job, and now my life is busier than it was when my kids were all home with me! 🙂

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