5 Things That Should Be On The Moms Bill of Rights

So last night was the very last Presidential debate…. and I know that you aren’t here this morning on Momof6 looking for me to recap who won and why. There will be tons of other sites doing that very thing…. and while there are so many issues in this election that are important to me: education – the economy- healthcare – taxes – jobs….. I think really it’s time to take a step back and look at the issues, that if addressed, would really rock my world. So in this election year let’s get the candidates to push for the Moms Bill of Rights!

1. The Right to Eat What You Want…. and Not Gain Weight

You know very well that if our country has what it takes to send men to the moon, bail out the auto industry, and find Bin Laden, then we certainly have what it takes to make all the stuff that I want to eat- cupcakes – brownies – donuts…. good for me. We are clearly just not throwing enough money / smart scientists / desperate women  at the problem, damn it! And I think if we could deliver on this promise…. no one would ever be against our “American beliefs and way of life” again….. which of course then would lead to world peace. Boom. Done.

2. The Right to Free Spa Treatments

No job is harder on Earth. Forget about “equal pay” (because really- what we do defies a pay scale)…. I am all about the fringe benefits here. A daily massage followed by a facial, and then a visit to the steam room? Yep- that’s better.

3. The Right to a Self-Cleaning Home

Okay- right after the brilliant minds of science figure out the no-weight-gain thing…. this is next on the list. We want to push a button, and like magic- dirt, grime, spilled milk, puddles from missed toilet seats, and hardened toothpaste blobs disappear. (Oh- and I want a self-cleaning car too please. Wait… and a self-cleaning dog…. and kids…. and….).

4. The Right to Cooperative Children

Now this one is easy to solve…. it is should be a strict government regulation that no electronic device can be sold to children unless it comes with a “cooperation-screener / auto-shut-off button”. A child gives you a little back-talk,and the iPod shuts off….. failure to unload the dishwasher and the TV goes dark….. bedroom left a mess, well, the Xbox stops working. Until the child cooperates, and then the device magically turns back on. Perfect.

5. The Right to Self Indulgence

Here’s the solution…. Moms will be given an extra 2 hours in a day that no one else will know about! Dads, kids, and everyone else will get their normal 24-hour day, but Moms will have 2 magical hours to do with as she sees fit…. read a book, take a hot bath (uninterrupted!), watch 2 hours straight of “Honey Boo-Boo” (um, scratch that last one)…. and the best part is- no one even know that she is doing it! Shh… it will be our little secret!

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      You know, I SHOULD run… and this could be my platform for “Mom reform”. Um.. wait a minute- the only thing harder than being a Mom is being President….. I think I’ll take a pass on running….

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