5 Ways to Have a Fantastic Fall Day!

I am going off-topic today (after all, we always tell you to feel free to link up a list post of your choice, don’t we?)… because our family had the most perfectly awesome fall day yesterday. And when it came time to write my list post- all I wanted to do was to share it with you!

They’ve only been back in school for two weeks yet when the school calendar called for two days off (in recognition of Rosh Hashanah) it felt as if it were time to celebrate the start of the fall season. Since we had such a mild spring around here, the apple crop is about 3 weeks ahead of schedule…. so we decided to take the kids…

Apple Picking!

And of course, apple picking means lots of apple tasting along the way…. and a bit of football throwing…. and having Daddy along to do the heavy lifting of the apple bag is a great bonus!

Followed by Apple Cider and Donuts….

I mean apple cider just tastes like fall….

Followed by Lunch Out at Chilis….

Where I had the most fantastic light lunch ever….. a 6 oz sirloin and a perfect-sized side salad (yep, I am trying to diet again!). The kids were thrilled to be going out to lunch when they normally would have been in school on a Monday!

We Wrapped Up the Day With Apple Pie….

And we celebrated Charlotte’s 8 1/2 birthday (notice the absence of the sling- her collarbone has healed perfectly!)

And a Bonfire Outside on a Cool and Crisp Evening!

Today it is supposed to rain all day long… (and the kids have another day off), so we will likely declare it a pajama day and just hang out indoors all day. Which made yesterday’s fall day even more special!

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    • says

      I love fall too…. the cool crisp air, football games, leaves turning, and pumpkins. I love switching to wearing cozy sweaters and baking again and making warm things to eat like chili!

  1. Jessica says

    Looks like a ton of fun. The kids have a half day at the end of the month and it would be a perfect time to try this out. I’ve never been apple picking which is a shame considering we live in Washington State!

    P.S. I love that your school district recognizes Jewish Holidays!

  2. Anonymous says

    I love fall because, here in Arizona, it means we begin the transition to less time with the air conditioning running. I also enjoy watching our desert tortoises prepare for their winter hybernation by cleaning out their burrows.

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