My 5 Best “Mom-nesia” Stories!

Have you ever had one of those situations when your brain just no longer works right, and you blame it on the fact that you’ve had all of these kids? Well, as far as I can tell- this is a true phenomenon- this “Mom-nesia” thing…. I don’t know if it has to do with hormones, with brain-wiring going all crazy once you’ve become responsible for another junior-sized human being, or just the mere fact that perhaps you’ve taken on more than your mind and body can handle- but there is something about Mommy-hood that leads to a bizarre forgetfulness. So it is in that spirit that I share with you today- My 5 Best Mom-nesia Stories!

1.The Pre-School Valentine’s Party That I Planned…. but Then Didn’t Attend

Somehow I decided to take on co-planning the big Valentine’s Bash for my kids pre-school one year…. we booked a party location, hired a magician and a DJ and ordered food for the attendees, balloons for decoration and party favors…. it was an event that took weeks to plan and many hours of time, that I didn’t even have to give. But even with all of that time spent planning, I completely forgot to list the event in my own personal calendar…. so when my parents called one weekend to try to plan a get together for the kids and Steve and I at their house in FL- I went ahead and booked airline tickets for all of us for that very weekend! I had to explain this to my co-chairman, who must have thought I lost my mind….. and I had to miss the event that I spent so much time and effort in planning!

2. Forgetting That My Son Was With Me at The Park!

And then there was the day when I had all of my kids at the park while my son Jack has soccer practice. I had arranged for my oldest child to be picked up by another Mom to drive him to his soccer practice at another field…. but somehow when it came time to leave the park, I lost count of how many kids I was supposed to have with me. So I loaded four of them up, closed the door on the big Mommy bus, and started to drive away. Until I noticed that my son Spencer was starting to run alongside of the car yelling for me to stop! I was horrified….. that I actually was about to drive out of the park, and leave my son behind! The funny thing was that Spencer thought I was “teaching him a lesson” about not coming when I called… and that I was only pretending to drive away!

3. Forgetting that I Told The School That I Would Pick My Kids Up!

Our school requires dismissal notes whenever they are going to have a change to their regular end-of-day plan. Normally my kids take the bus home, but on this particular day, I sent in the notes, telling the kids that I would pick them up, so that I could also bring home Spencer’s bass (that is far too large to come home on the bus!). But at 3:15, just as I was heading down to the bus stop, the phone rang, and it was the school secretary wondering where I was… I wanted to die! Not from embarrassment that I forgot…. but at the idea that my kids were sitting at school wondering where their Mom was! (It makes me tear-up now, just thinking about it!)

4. Practically Anytime I Walk From One Room to Another

And think “What did I walk in here for”? Yep- this happens constantly!

5. When I Use Siri on my iPhone to Send Myself an Email Reminder About Something….

And then 30 seconds later actually check my inbox when my phone buzzes because I am wondering who sent me an email….

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  1. says

    I had to laugh when I read about leaving your son behind! I went to school one afternoon to pick up my kids, and forgot to walk over to Kindergarten pick up for my son. Boy was he upset! And, he’s never forgotten about it. Yet, when I was late for picking up my daughter in Kindergarten this year, she had a big smile on her face.
    Barb @ A Life in Balance recently posted..5 moments that defined my path

    • says

      It’s the worst feeling, isn’t it? How can you be so busy and so distracted that you forget to pick up one of your kids? Yet, clearly it happens! Thanks for making me feel a bit better!

  2. says

    I blame Mom-nesia for my inability to come up with five examples and be able to post and link up. So here’s one…I have forgotten to be the tooth fairy two nights in a row. The first night she lost her tooth late so I said the tooth fairy probably just couldn’t make it so late. The second night I told her it must have been too windy. That night..and all future teeth…I leave myself a post it note to remind myself before I crawl into bed.
    Melissa recently posted..Happy Birthday!

    • says

      Ha ha! I could have listed that as a Mom-nesia moment too. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve done the whole “let me help you look for that tooth fairy money” and “found it” under the bed while helping!

  3. says

    Well, it happens all the time with my wife, she usually forgot to pick up the kids at school on time. Sometimes stress in the family or at work is what triggers this “mom-nesia”. For every husband, like me, we should be reminded that we ought to give our wives the time to pamper themselves.


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