Get Your Life Organized Boot Camp {Week 1 }- Set Up Some Stations!

Welcome to our first week of the Momof6 Get Your Life Organized Boot Camp! Are you ready to make some real changes in how you do things so that you can feel more in control of your busy life and open up time to do the things that you want to do? Then let’s get this boot camp started!

Set Up Some Stations!

This week is all about creating different stations around the home. Part of the reason that you feel unorganized is that you don’t have a place for everything, and the ability to find everything in its place. So over the course of this week we are going to talk about establishing stations for different areas of your life to help you gain some control.

One of the biggest areas of concern for most people is the constant influx of paperwork that comes into our home- the bills, the school fliers, forms that need to be completed- the stream is almost endless. Too often all of that paperwork ends up in piles all over the kitchen counter, the dining room table and any other available surface because we don’t make the time to sort through it, or just aren’t sure what to keep around and what to recycle or toss in the trash. So we are going to target this paper flow first, and the way we are going to do, is to create a paperwork station.

How to Create A Paperwork Station

I thought it would be easiest to share my tips on using stations in this short (6 1/2 minute) video…. (and I apologize in advance for the buggy focus issues…. apparently my camera has a mind of its own!)

Ready to jump in and get started?

I’ve created this handout for you highlighting some of the tips I covered in the video to help you get started in creating a station or two to handle paperwork.

Some Additional Creative Inspiration

What I’ve done with a counter-top station and a paperwork wall station is only one approach. There are tons of fantastic command centers featured on blogs throughout the web (proving what a great tool a station / command center is in an organized home!) so I created this Pinterest Pin Board to showcase some of these other great ideas…. and I hope that these inspire you to get started.

So It’s Time for a Little Homework:

This week I want you to create one command center for your home which will be the place where all paperwork will be accumulated. Use the tips from the video and the handout to get your started, and check out the Pin Board above for some additional creative inspiration. Once you’ve created the station, it is time to eliminate the piles of papers throughout your kitchen or desk or dining room using the “touch it once” principal. Set your timer for 30 minutes at least once per day until you sort through all of that paperwork and make a decision- to take care of the task, to file the paper, to add an item to your to-do list, or to recycle the paper.

Taking the Challenge?

Join our Boot Camp Bloggers who are Getting Their Lives Organized by taking this Boot Camp Challenge- and are writing about their experiences! On Wednesday I will be hosting a link-up- and you can share your progress with the Momof6 readers, right alongside all of these fabulous Boot Camp Bloggers!

So I would love to hear from you…. do you think that setting up a paperwork station will help you to become more organized?

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    • says

      Never be ashamed! And did you see my post last week on my new favorite word? “Yet”. Put it at the end of any sentence to turn it into an opportunity…. “I have not tackled these piles…. YET!”

      See? Set the timer- just 30 min at a time, maybe once or twice a day- you can DO this!

      So glad you are linking up for the boot camp!

    • says

      You can DO this- just set the timer for 30 minutes…. don’t try to do them all at once- or you’ll get burned out and will just start wither tossing or saving everything. Bite-sized pieces work best!

  1. says

    This post really helps. I’ve heard a lot about stations, but trying to sync actually CREATING one with just reading about them…tough. I’m excited to get started on mine today. I just moved, so I actually don’t have A LOT of paperwork sitting out, but it’s all coming. I know because my daughter just started preschool today and I already received 5 sheets of paper from them! THanks, Sharon!
    Brandi recently posted..A Week In Review: Getting Organized and Best Links

    • says

      It is so exciting when they start school… but then the papers that come threaten to just bury you! Especially when they are in preschool and you just want to save every single drawing attempt at letter-writing, craft project, finger painting. And then you realize that in the span of one short year, you have enough paper to sink a ship. And it’s time to pick and choose the best items for the memory box!

      And I am not even talking about the permission slips, information to save, and school assessments!

  2. says

    Sharon, what perfect timing! I haven’t visited your blog in qutie a while but for some reason, today, I did. And paperwork is always my toughest challenge. Thanks for the tips and the challenge.

  3. says

    I am so excited for this week’s assignment! I’ve been transitioning from a mom with many littles at home to a mom with almost everyone in school. Next year, they’ll all be in school. My systems are not completely in sync with our new reality. They’re not horrible, just not working completely.

    I think I’m going to start a photo album on my FB with the before and after photos because I’ll have too many photos to put in a post!
    Barb @ A Life in Balance recently 5 quirky kids in 5 photos

    • says

      I find that I need to re-work my systems as my kids grow older and their activities and levels of responsibility change. But the process of re-tweaking also motivates me to become even more organized (translation- add even more things to my already full plate!)…

    • says

      Thanks so much for sharing the challenge Dana! Paper clutter is never-ending…. paper is just constantly coming into the house and even when you “battle it back”, it just continues to flow in! That’s why putting together a system that works for you is so important! I really believe in the “touch it once” principle!


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