Organizing the Home Office with Washi Tape

As “tech-savvy” as I am, I still prefer to do my brainstorming and my list-making with a pencil and notepad. I feel that I can gather my thoughts so much better when I can write them down freehand. And of course, to keep things organized- I like to use a separate notepad for each area of my life.

Organizing the Home Office with Washi Tape- desk space before

But with so many notepads piled on the side of my desk- it was hard to find the one I wanted when I had an idea I wanted to jot down. I tried adding little address labels to the top of each pad, but they just peeled off when I turned the pages.

Organizing the Home Office with Washi Tape- to do lists.jpgI also needed some more space on the wall to hang papers for projects that I am working on…. AND I wanted all of this to look pretty. Because, let’s face it- a pretty AND organized space is one that is much more fun to work in!

Washi Tape

Recently I received a big box of Scotch Expressions tapes and Washi Tapes along with some cool Command decorative hooks- and once I opened that box- I knew they would be perfect for organizing the home office!

Organizing the Home Office with Washi Tape-main image

I put decorative strips of tape over the top edge of each of the notebooks, and then I used a contrasting solid colored tape to create the label area. I wrote the notepad topic in permanent marker so I can easily find exactly when I am looking for! And it looks so much nicer than the address labels I had there before!

Command Hooks and Washi tapeI even added some Washi tape to the command hooks that I used to help me make better use of my wall space. I love how functional this is now!

Organizing the Home Office with Washi Tape-clipboard.jpg

There are so many great ways to use Washi tape to spruce up a regular household object. I even decorated my grocery list clipboard for my kitchen. You can find lots of other ideas for Washi tape on Pinterest. Here are two great boards to inspire you from ModPodgeRocks and  Sandy Fleming.

Thanks to the fine folks at Scotch Brand and Command Brand for providing the big box of materials! But all ideas and opinions expressed here are my own!

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  1. Barbi says

    I too, am a pen to paper list maker as well and love to be cute and organized also, so this was a really fun idea!! Thanks!

    Toodles, Barbi

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