What’s Working For Me…

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What's Working For Me...

I’m always trying to pack so much into a day… trying to cross off way-too-many-items on my endless to do lists. So I am always looking for some new way to tweak my routine or my approach just a bit, in order to eek out just a wee bit more productivity out of my day. And one of the techniques that seems to be working for me really well right now is taking my tasks, breaking them into smaller steps and then alternating between tasks that I do at my desk and tasks that I have to do around the house, or even errands that I need to run outside of the house.

So instead of blocking out 3 consecutive hours of my day to focus on writing and social media, I am finding that I get more done if I break that up into several 45-60 minute sessions, and in between them I might take my daily task of cleaning one area of the house, and break that up into three smaller pieces such as just the dusting, or just the vacuuming, or just the mopping- and then alternate the desk tasks with the cleaning tasks.

Where the past I might’ve looked upon this idea and thought whoa…. I will be constantly running all over the place all the time and not staying focused…. what I’m really finding is that I am far more productive in these smaller chunks of time.

Now next week I’ll share with you a little app that I have become addicted to that is helping me to be more productive when I’m out running errands or waiting at the bus stop for my kids or just out and about in my car. Intrigued? Well…. you’ll just have to stop back and see what I am talking about!

What are your tools and tips for making the most efficient use of your time? Please leave a comment and share!
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1 Barb @ A Life in Balance
Twitter: BarbHoyer
March 28, 2013 at 8:34 am

I can’t wait to hear how this works for you. I do this because my 4 year old is still home plus I like to get up and move every so often. These joints are getting old and creaky.
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