Are You A “Black Friday” Shopper?

I’ve been a committed Black Friday shopper for a few years now- ever since my sister-in-law Jill taught me the true bargains that can be had for those who are willing to get up early and face the crowds. Jill also showed me that it can be a lot of fun to hit the stores with a friend and accomplish the big task of purchasing holiday presents all in one day- which allows you more time to spend with your family throughout the rest of the holiday season!

Recently a video team from Yahoo Finance came out to spend a morning with me, to hear all about my “Secrets of a Black Friday Shopper“- which gave me the chance to share some of my tips on how to make the most of your Black Friday shopping adventure!

So I’d love to hear from you- are you a Black Friday shopper? If so- what are your best tips? Please leave a comment and share them!

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  1. Kris C. says

    Great video, Sharon! I never thought about the clothes vs. electronics part of shopping on Black Friday.
    p.s. I loved “I Promise Not to Suffer” book. Gobbled it in 3 days. Thanks again! 🙂

  2. says

    Congratulations. Great tips! We have 4, with 3 December birthdays this will help with crazy month. PS my tribe also gave a thumbs up to your Chicken in Brown Sauce recipe. Thanks.
    Kristi recently posted..Java Jolt

  3. says

    I always go with a list, I’m such an impule buyer, that I get swept up in all the hoopla if i don’t limit myself, i also only carry enough cash plus $20 for each stores deals that I have written down. Then i have to go back to the car if I want something else, and by then, i usually decide I don’t need it anyway.
    Beth recently posted..Nov 23

  4. s says

    I used to when the kids were younger, but last year with the stores opening on what should be a holiday spent with family, I decided to no longer participate. This year the stores are opening even earlier on Thanksgiving and I feel very strongly that these people should be able to spend the days with their families, and they likely don’t have the option to say no to their employers, but we can say no as consumers and allow family time for these store employees vs trying to save an almighty dollar.

    It also seems like the craziness of folks shopping is escalating so just don’t feel it’s worth it to go save some money. I’d rather shop online or at local stores for the majority of my shopping and slow down the shopping frenzy.

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