New Momof6 Series: Save Money, Shop Smarter!

Welcome to October! We used the month of September to get ourselves, our families, and our homes more organized (or at least hopefully you are now inspired to get started!) with our “How to Organize Your Life” series. This month I would like to focus on how we can all save money just by shopping smarter! Yes- you can still buy all of the same brands you love, you can still feed your family healthy, organic meals- but you can do all of this by spending less money- if you just change the way you shop.

In this new series I will be sharing my tips on how to save $ and shop smarter by:


Save Money and Shop Smarter at the Grocery Store

How should you plan for a trip to the store? How do you know when something is a “good deal”? How much time should you be spending clipping coupons or gathering coupons online? What is a stockpile and how does that help you save money?


Save Money and Shop Smarter at the Drugstore

Are drug stores really a place where you can save money, or are they more expensive that a grocery store or mass retailer like WalMart? What are Extrabux and how can they save you money? How do you know if something is a “good deal”? How do you “roll a deal”?


Save Money and Shop Smarter at Target

Do you refer to Target the “$100 store” (rather than the dollar store) because you run in there for one thing and end up dropping more than $100 each time? It’s time to learn how to shop smarter at Target!


Save Money and Shop Smarter Online

Should you take advantage of Groupons and other deal sites? How do you find online coupons, and what are shopping rebates? And how do you make sure that you are getting a “good deal”?

More Ways to Save Money and Shop Smarter

We will cover shopping apps (which ones should you really use?), how to save money at the beauty salon, pizza shop and more!

Please Help Me to Shape This Series!

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to saving money while shopping? Is that you are never sure if you are buying at the lowest possible price? Are you wondering if it is worth it to cut coupons? Please leave a comment today and share your biggest shopping and saving challenge!

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  1. Carol Lindberg says

    Never sure if I have the lowest price. Managing coupons & never seeming to have them with me especially at impromptu stops. Not wanting to make 5 stops to save a few bucks.

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