5 Reasons That I Married My Husband…

This feels more like it should be a dedicated birthday post or maybe even a Valentine’s Day post… but since my gal-pal Nicole from Moments That Define Life asked in this week’s Listable Life topic…. today I will share with you 5 reasons that I married Steve! (Not that there’s only 5…. of course!)

1. Steve is SO good to me

This is it…the BIG reason that I fell so head over heels in love with Steve….. he is a good man. All the way down to his toes. He truly cares about me, all the details of my life, everything that I do. He looks me right in the eyes when he is talking to me and really listens to what I have to say and how I am feeling. He might be out there in the business world “slaying dragons” all day long, but when he comes home and listens to me share the details of my day and the kids’ days…. he shows me that this is equally as important to him.

When he comes home from work, he jumps right into whatever needs doing- helping kids with homework or getting them ready for bed. And he willingly allows me to pick both the restaurant and the movie on date night!

He makes me feel smart and important. He treats me like a perfect partner when it comes to talking things over and making decisions. And I feel his love for me, completely.

2. Steve loves to try new things

Steve is an enthusiastic explorer. He loves to try new foods, explore new places, seeks out new hobbies. He is always learning. His mind is always open to a new idea, a different point of view. And best of all- his love for trying new things has opened by mind to all kinds of possibilities that I would never have tried on my own. From falling in love with Korean and Thai food, to traveling to China, to learning how to snorkel- I likely would have gone my whole life without doing any of these things.

3. Steve is a GREAT dancer!

Okay- this might not exactly be one of the reasons that I married him….. but it is one my favorite things about him that many people don’t even know about. I love when we are invited to weddings or parties where there will be a band or a DJ- ‘cuz my man can DANCE! Another little known fact is that Steve’s favorite music is hip-hop and rap and he knows the words to every single song in this genre on the radio. Seriously.

4. Steve comes from a great family

You know when you meet someone and they talk about their family and you hear about how all of the family members get along with one another and no one talks badly behind each other’s backs… well, that really says a lot about the way that someone is raised. Steve comes from just that kind of a family, and from the first moment that I met them… they made me feel so comfortable, and wanted to get to know me. To me now, none of them are in-laws…. they are just my family.

But I also love Steve’s independence…. he loves his family very much, but knew that he didn’t just want to move back to the security of his hometown after college- he wanted to start his career in a new city. I love both sides of this…. Steve’s love for his family and his need to stretch his wings.

5. Steve is a leader and a role model, and people look to him for advice and help

Steve is the absolute embodiment of integrity, and he strongly believes in “doing the right thing”. He is a man with a good strong moral compass, and does not take the easy-way-out if he can do what’s right instead. Now honestly, this same admirable trait can make me crazy when he offers to help me clean the house and he cannot just get it done without spending an excessive amount of time on every.single.detail. But, I get over it.

Steve is the kind of guy that other people look to for advice. At the office, he’s the guy that people seek out to ask his opinion on personal matters- whether or not to buy a condo, whether or not to lend money to a family member, etc. And I shared the story before here on the blog, that when our flight was cancelled to return home from China, the other 20+ members of our travel group started to completely fall apart until Steve took control and helped to get everyone’s flights re-booked home.

He is just that kind of guy.

Okay, okay…… there may be a whole bunch of other reasons that I married the love of my life…. but some of them are far too personal to list here, and a girl has to keep some secrets, right?

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What is the thing that you love the most about your husband? Please leave a comment!

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