Blogging Goals…. Lessons from Bloggy Boot Camp Philly!

This past Saturday I had the great privilege of speaking at The SITS Girls Blog Conference which is known as Bloggy Boot Camp. This fantastic conference was held in Philadelphia and was attended by more than 120 women (and 2 men) who are either actively blogging or interested in starting a blog. I attended my first BBC last year in Boston and took away so many great tips and inspiration that I have been looking forward to this conference since I got home last year! And I was very excited that I “won” the opportunity to speak at this conference last July when I submitted a video for BBC Speaker Auditions and was selected as one of the finalists.

So with a healthy dose of excitement mixed in with some nerves, I delivered my presentation…

“How Can A Small Blogger Become a Bigger Blogger”?

During my presentation I explained that last summer I had a very difficult time keeping up with reading other blogs and leaving comments as well as writing for my own blog, while also spending the time that I wanted to spend with my kids. It came down to reading or writing, and I chose writing. And I knew that there had to be a better way to bring “eyeballs” to my site than just leaving comments on other sites and hoping for some reciprocation. So I examined where I was with my analytics, set a goal for myself to increase the number of unique visitors and page views that I was getting, and started a “blog improvement cycle” of focusing internally on my blog and then externally on opportunities to invite people to visit my site as my strategy for achieving my goals.

I demonstrated at Bloggy Boot Camp the individual steps that I took throughout this cycle of internal improvements and seeking external opportunities, and shared with the audience my stats at each stage of the process, how my unique visitors and page views have grown, while my bounce rate dropped drastically. If you were at BBC, then you were given access to all of the details- my blog stats, analytics related to various campaigns that I did, and proof of how this process has worked for me. If you weren’t in the audience…. well then, hopefully I will have another opportunity to share this presentation again someday!

Set Just One Blogging Goal

I believe that one of the keys to success is to set just one blogging goal and then put together the steps to take to work towards that goal. My goal since September of last year has been to increase my page views and unique visitors, and while I have raised the actual numeric goal three times in the 8 months in order to continue to set the bar higher…. I have not changed my overall priority. I have, however, continued to update my to-do list as I work towards building my traffic. So this week, as part of Nicole from Moments That Define Life’s Listable Life, I will share with you…

5 Items on my Blogging To Do List- That Support My One Goal

1. Focus Internally- continue my blog content makeover- by re-examining some of my old posts and making them more “google worthy”

2. Focus Externally- create a Momof6 YouTube channel that supports my Momof6 “mission statement”

3. Focus Externally- improve my Facebook Page and implement what I learned in MomComm’s Content Brew class about building an editorial calendar for my social media content

4. Focus Internally- Make plans for Momof6 summer camp at home content

5. Focus Internally- master Market Samurai…. I bought it, now I need to start using it!

I want to thank Tiffany and Fran from the SITS Girls for this fantastic opportunity to share what has worked for me with the Bloggy Boot Camp audience… and I would sure love to do it again someday soon!

And truly one of the best parts of this weekend was finally meeting one of my blogging best-ies in real life for the first time- my girl Nicole! She was my partner in crime from the moment I arrived to the moment that I pulled out of the city of Brotherly Love. Thanks for a fab weekend!

So I would love to hear about your one blogging goal and your blogging to-do list! Please leave a comment and share here!

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  1. says

    Your presentation was fantastic and it was so great to see real examples of how you grew your blog. My one goal is to get back to visiting blogs and commenting. It always takes a backseat with my overflowing plate, but realize it really shouldn’t. I need to comment more!

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing for those of you who weren’t at Boot Camp!!! Since summer i crazy busy for me, I love your advice! I love reading, commenting, etc on other blogs but it is really time consuming sometimes! Thank goodness for long weekend road trips and 3G on my Ipad to play catch up with!
    KTB @KTBwaterski recently posted..5 Things I Regret…

    • says

      As much as I love to read and comment on other blogs…. it needs to be more about my own pleasure than about my own traffic! So I knew it was time for find bigger and better means for driving traffic to my blog.

  3. says

    I thought your presentation this weekend was excellent. Clear, interesting, helpful, and you didn’t even waver when the mic battery died! I’ve had a small blog for a long time, and your story was so encouraging to me–it’s not about luck, but about strategic work. Thanks!
    Amy from Occupation: Mommy recently posted..Graco Pack ‘n Play Giveaway

    • says

      Thanks so much Amy! You know, I forgot the battery even died on the mic until Nicole mentioned it after I finished! I guess I am so used to having to raise my voice to be heard above my pack of kids… that I didn’t even think about it! And Amy, it’s totally not about luck….. it’s what you put into it that makes a difference. Not right away- you have to keeping plugging away at it, but it can happen. (I promise!)

  4. says

    Fantastic wrap up post and presentation. I learned so much from you from your presentation and just spending time with you. Thanks for taking me in as a roomie! I enjoyed it all. Working on my blogging goals now. I didn’t realize Nicole and you had never met in real life. Isn’t it amazing how immediate friendships are made!

    • says

      Thank you so VERY much Amy! I am so touched by your words- and I am so very glad to help you as you work to grow your blog. Just keep at it… make a plan, decide on some steps to take- and it WILL grow!

    • says

      Thanks so much Kristia! If you know what your one main goal is…. all you need to do when you feel that you are spreading yourself too thin is to ask yourself whether what you are spending your time on is really helping you to reach that one main goal or not…. it really becomes your compass.


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