Dear Katy Perry: Please stop making me be the “mean Mom”!

Dear Katy Perry,

Someday when you and Russell decide to settle down and have a few bambinos of your own, you’ll be cruisin’ around town in your stylish mini-van with the kids and their pals in the back, heading home from soccer or whatever… and a tune with a great beat will come on the radio. And you’ll be all happy and smilin’ and reaching down to turn up the volume, and then it hits you…. “Umm- what are they SAYING?” Yep, that’s kind of how I felt a few weeks ago when I heard YOUR song.

My kids were bouncing and grooving to the music, and asked me to turn it up so they could sing along….

“Last Friday night,
Yeah we danced on tabletops
And we took too many shots” (Wait…  what?)
“Think we kissed by I forgot….”

(I decide that maybe I misunderstood, so I let it play some more…)

“Last Friday night
We went streaking in the park,
Skinny dipping in the dark,
Then had a menage a trois”


Time to change the station!

Except all of the kids are now whining….  “But Mom, we LOVE that song.” And Katy- guess whose the one being labeled as the “mean Mom” because she won’t let her kids her a song that has the potential to lead to all sort of long-detailed explanations about things that they should not need to know about before the age of 11! You know, stuff like…. hickies, threesomes, arrest warrants, minibars, and what not.

So Katy, while I know that you are far too young and hip to understand what it is like to walk in my shoes…  but trust me- it’s not always easy raising kids. And lyrics like these just make our job harder.

Could you maybe help a Mom out and tone it down a little next time? Because I like your music, really I do. And I just want it to be something that I can share with my kids!



Any other Mom out there have some problems lately with the lyrics on the radio? What’s making you cringe and change the dial these days?


  1. Lynne Stark says

    this is brilliant and so well-stated! i love her music too! Amy’s still young enough that she doesn’t ask why there’s a stranger in her bed…. thank god!!!!

  2. Kris Cerchiara says

    How about Rhianna’s S&M. Radio was on, I was worlds away thinking and then heard my soon to be 7 year old in the back seat singing along to:

    “Sex is in the air, I don’t care, I like the smell of it.
    Sticks and stones can break my bones but chains and whips excite me!”

    Absolutely horrifying……and unnecessary.

    • says

      YES! Another great example of a song with a fun beat and everyone is really into it… and then you realize what Rihanna is SAYING! Another one…. Kei$ha… I saw her on the Disney channel once, so I thought her music must be kid-safe. But Noooooo…. “Everbody take it off”.

  3. Mia says

    I totally agree and I have 1 child in high school and 1 in college. The first year in college, kids are so out of control with sex and freedom, that i was very concerned for my daughter’s safety. Songs like this just start kids thinking about sex way too early. Let them be kids-catch fireflies in the summer, make smores, go tubing-not think about who would be having a manage a trois!!

    • says

      I hadn’t even thought about the influencing effect that this music might have on an older teen… I was more focused on my younger kids hearing and repeating language that they did no understand… but you are so right. Songs like this make one-night stands sound cool and fun. Totally the wrong message.


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