Dear Lance,

Dear Lance Armstrong,

It’s hard to know even where to begin as I sit down to write this letter to you. You see, I was one of those people that believed in you completely. Even last week when I saw news reports that you were considering finally owning up to your years of deceit… well, I refused to believe that you have been lying about drug use all of these years. And now, tonight, I will tune in to watch you being interviewed by Oprah and I know that I will finally hear from your own mouth what everyone else seems to have known for some time now….

That you lied to me. To us, To the entire world. To those that believed what you said and what you wrote.

I guess the reason that I am taking this so hard is because you wrote a book… well two actually. Two books that I read and believed whole-heartedly. You told us your life story in those books. And you positioned yourself as THAT guy. The one we all want to believe exists- the one that overcame the odds and beat having cancer- who was able to survive even though all of the doctors gave you the slimmest of chances. You did it. You beat cancer. And in that huge and incredible act- you gave us all hope. Hope that our own loved ones could maybe, possibly do the same thing. You opened that door of hope for us, and made us think… “If Lance could do it, then why not this other young, strong, incredible person in front of me who also deserves to have a shot at life?” And this made you our hero.

You were given another opportunity to live your life. And you did so on the world cycling stage. And we all cheered for you and wanted this fairy-tale to be true. That someone could really and truly beat cancer and come back from that experience with an intact and healthy body- one that could compete at the highest levels. Someone who did that would NEVER poison their body with performance-enhacing drugs, would they?

But the press started to say that you did.

So then came all of the denials. Not just absence of confirmation.. but you railed and screamed and shouted from the mountain tops, as well as in those two books of yours, that you DID NOT DO THIS THING! You didn’t. You made us believe, you made me believe that a man who had to inject and absorb the very worst kind of drugs that scientists can produce… the kind that kills cancer cells… that a person who lived through this would never, could NEVER put harmful drugs into his body again. Never.

“I have been on my deathbed, and I am not stupid” ….. “I can emphatically say I am not on drugs. I thought a rider with my history and my health situation woun’t be such a surprise. I’m not a new rider. I know there’s been looking, and prying, and digging, but you’re not going to find anything. There’s nothing to find…. and once everyone has done their due diligence and realizes they need to be professional and can’t print a lot of crap, they’ll realize they’re dealing with a clean guy”. (“It’s Not About The Bike”, Lance Armstrong with Sally Jenkins)

And I believed you.

You then went on the offensive, and accused everyone else- the press, other bikers, the agencies that were charged with protecting the integrity of the sport- of conspiring against you. You called them all liars. And I believed you.

In fact, quite a bit of your second book “Every Second Counts” is dedicated to outlining the claims made against you, and the reasons why every one of them is wrong. You explain,

“Part of the problem, I realized, was a fundamental lack of awareness among the public (and the prosecutors) about just how grueling cycling really is. Medical treatments were an absolute necessity. The Tour de France is not a natural event. We ride more than 100 miles a day for three straight weeks, through incredible and changing conditions. Some cars wouldn’t hold up under that physical stress, much less a human body. We needed help, in the form of IVs of vitamins, minerals, and phosphates. You simply can’t eat or drink enough to make up for that kind of depletion, to replace all the things you expend. Those IVs and syringes were health essentials.”

So is this going to the position that you take tonight on Oprah? That “this is the way it is”?

You proclaimed your innocence and disparaged those who made the claims that you used illegal performance-enhancing drugs to win your races. You battled back from one of the worst diseases on the planet, and then sacrificed your own body for the chance to win.

I will watch this interview, although I don’t know if I will be able to believe anything that you say in it. ‘Cuz now I know you just lie to protect your own interests. And then I am done with you Lance. Done. Your lies broke my heart.

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    • says

      Me too Lynne…. they will always know this now about their Dad. That he lied to the world and aggressively made everyone else out to be “the bad guys”.

  1. says

    Another perspective on Lance – I tend to agree with you. He’s a liar. And I’ve been less interested in him since his divorce, dating Sheryl Crow, having two more kids with his girlfriend. He is shady in my eyes. this post says, he also raise a lot a lot of money for cancer research. Which I suppose I might be glad for at some point. Just a perspective, not an argument for his behavior.
    Melissa recently posted..Scandal and Ambition

    • says

      Melissa, I thought about going into the whole wife / girlfriend thing in my “letter”… because when I read the first book, and listened to him talk about his girlfriend, and then later his first wife- marveling at their strength and all of the stuff they put up with him from him… and then you get to the end of the book and he mentions that he and his wife have separated… well it was the only time I had an inkling that he wasn’t being honest with us. But I convinced myself that he omitted this information to protect his children. Truthfully, I now think that his history with women show how self-centered and self-important he really is.

  2. Erica Filpi says


    I’m disappointed to, but no one is perfect. Maybe he was afraid to stop, because he’d be unsuccessful in people’s eyes. Maybe he was afraid to tell the truth, because people would hate him. And maybe if he stopped and told the truth, in his eyes people would quit giving up. Who knows, certainly not me. But he has to face what he did, and I refuse to judge him because it’s not my place.

    Be strong Sharon, and continue to have faith in humanity. At one time Lance was a good guy, and even though he went by the wayside there is always the chance for him to become a good guy again. In the meantime celebrate all of the greatness around you, and little by little your heart will heal *hugs*.

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      Erica…. I have to say, you sound just like me (normally that is). Looking for the silver lining, looking for a reason at why he lied. But I have to say, I feel more like a woman that has been cheated upon. I feel like I believed him so completely when he was angry about being accused. When he said there was no way he would ever put illegal drugs in his body. Ever. I’m not sure I can forgive him. He crossed some sort of an invisible line for me.

  3. says

    This is exactly how I felt/feel. I loved his books, I’ve defended him, and I really can’t believe that after fighting back from cancer you’d be willing to put junk in your body. But I know we can’t understand how any of these athletes work at that level, and how drugs factor in. But it’s so terribly disappointing.
    Gina recently posted..Packing School Lunches in Easy Lunchboxes {Giveaway}

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      Gina- you said it so well. I know we can’t and don’t walk in their shoes… and I don’t like to be someone who judges others from afar…. but it’s not just that I am upset that he took this gift of a second-chance at life and risked it with illegal drugs all in the name of winning… it’s also the way he aggressively went after others and ruined lives- knowing full well that he was the liar. As you say… it’s so terribly disappointing.

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