Happiness is a Mood Not a Destination

I was hanging out on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and I came across this pin from Cultural Life:

Happiness is a Mood Pin

And when I saw it, I knew that it captured perfectly how I feel about the concept of happiness. Being happy isn’t something that happens only when everything else falls into place…. like “I’ll be happy once I get a raise at work…. have a baby…. get a new job….. buy a house…”. (You get the idea). You don’t eventually “reach happiness”… happiness is a mood not a destination!

Happiness is Temporary- But That’s Okay!

Happiness ebbs and flows…. during the course of any given day, there are times when I truly feel happy (and usually grateful), and then there are times of impatience, exhaustion, frustration…. and then a few hours later…. happiness finds its way back. Now I think that’s because I am naturally looking for happiness…. some would say that I am a “glass half-full” kind of person. I believe that happiness is not something I’ve yet to reach, or will get all used up, I believe there is always a chance for it just around the corner. So when I have a chance to take a break and grab a few deep breaths- I can leave the impatience/exhaustion/frustration behind… and embrace happiness again.

Things in my life have been more than a little crazy lately…. our boiler needed to be replaced, Steve’s car noise turned out to be a $1200 problem, my dog keeps running away because he is chasing this crazy fox and her four babies, the stomach virus keeps making stops at our house for a visit, and my husband is working a gazillion hours so everything falls on me to handle. And trust me- I shouldn’t be the one researching boiler replacement companies, car repair shops, or dog fencing- I am out of my element and more than a little unqualified. Still- I am muddling through, and once I handle one of these situations…. I feel a bit of happiness!

Create Opportunities for Happiness

I think one of the greatest things I can do for myself is to create little opportunities for happiness- times when I just give a little something back to myself. Maybe it’s the glass of wine while I am cooking dinner, maybe it’s a hot bath after I put the kids on the bus for school (how decadent!), maybe it’s planning a lunch date with a friend. I don’t get to do these things very often, so that when I do- I appreciate them, and they definitely make me happy.

Do you agree that happiness comes and goes- often multiple times throughout the day? Do you try to create opportunities to treat yourself special from time to time- which gives you a chance for that happiness?

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  1. says

    Agreed! Sort of? I feel like my happiness quest is more about remembering to let joy in, being a more positive person overall, and someone who is more open to accepting small moments of beauty as happiness. I think that’s more of a character thing than a mood thing, ya know? Like you can’t really enjoy things that should make you happy when you’re busy being Moaning Myrtle all the time. I don’t wanna be Moaning Myrtle anymore!
    Dude Mom recently posted..Happy Mama Movement. Give Joy, Get Joy.

    • says

      Yes- I think there is a decision-compenent to being happy too. Like this morning…. I woke up tired, cranky, with a long list of things I wanted to do… and I could tell that I was about to get “barky” with the kids move them along to get them to the bus on time. It definitely took a conscious effort and a decision on my part, that ALL of us would get off to a happier morning if I held that bark in.

      I also think that we get caught up in hoping we’ll be happier later… and that we have to remember that we can feel happiness now, and crabbiness later- and both are okay. Just keep trying to create opportunities for more happiness… which is why I am thinking of heading towards a bubble bath this morning!

  2. says

    You get it. Some of the posts that I have been reading makes being happy so easy and that you can choose to be if you want to at a snap of fingers. God if it were only that easy! As a person who struggles with bipolar disorder, I cannot choose to be happy. Do I choose to do things to help bring happy rather, contentment? Yes. Happy just doesn’t happen all of the time. Some of us have to look hard and past the mess that life can create. It’s not a destination but a mood. Love this.
    Kimberly recently posted..Being A Sister Mom

    • says

      Thanks Kimberly! I think we also question “Why don’t we feel happy all of the time?” But happiness comes and goes… and that’s just how it works. It is not a permanent state to achieve. The sooner we all make peace with that…. the less we will worry about when we will be happy!

  3. says

    I agree 100%. It seems like people are so obsessed with finding happy or being happy that they don’t realize it is all around them every day with little smiles and belly laughs and that sigh as you settle into bed at night. Stop looking for it and you’ll realize you’ve already got it.
    Jennifer recently posted..Happy Mama Moment – Six

  4. barbi says

    If you were happy all the time, how would you even know it??? You have to have the ups and downs to realize when things are good. You also have to find your joy in your day not everything is a “party” you have to find joys in the everyday, like a hot bath or a glass of wine, or a hug from your child, etc. Or the flip side is being sad and grumpy all day I really try to choose to find the good in things. And YES, some days that’s not easy!!! Our mood in our homes really does make a difference. Like the saying goes….when mommas happy everyone is happy! So true! Now go try to find some joy in your day…..
    Toodles, Barbi

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