In Need of a Little Blog-Cation….

I love my job- really I do. The fact that I can pick up my laptop and work from anywhere at anytime is awesome. That I can be a work-at-home Mom and be here for my kids before and after school, shuttle them around to their sports and activities, and have dinner with them each night is something I am grateful for everyday. I lot writing for my two sites- I love the freelance writing that I do, I love working on campaigns for brands, and most of all I love the community of bloggers that I will interact with online each day.

But like any job… I do need a break once in awhile. And this one feels as if it is a bit overdue. When I sit down in the morning and greet the list of posts and promotions I need to write with a groan rather than with enthusiasm- then I know it’s time to take some time off from writing.

Part of my burn-out come from launching the new site- Great Family Road Trips  which has turned out to be quite a bit more work than I had bargained for….. since I am committed to well-researched and well-thought out itineraries- I am spending hours and hours on each piece. (And maybe you could head on over there this week and give the site a little love? Maybe a comment or two, perhaps sign up for the newsletter that I am pouring my heart into? Think of it as a little blog-cation present to me!)

So for the next week or so…. I am walking away from blog-land. I’ll spend some time actually reading (I am in the middle of Tsh Oxenreider’s Notes from a Blue Bike right now- and loving it!)….. maybe do a little gardening…. maybe take a nap (every day!). I’ll just be re-filling my own creative well for a bit before I return….

See you soon!

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  1. francesca says

    I have just discoved your web site which is of great inspiration to me!
    I will wait for your return!!
    Francesca from Italy

  2. barbi says

    You deserve this Sharon, add some “wine time” in there too! My best to you……..

    Hearts and Toodles, Barbi

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