Zappos…. A Story Of Great Customer Service!

Since it was just recently that I posted a story about the lousy customer service I experienced with Cablevision…. I wanted to share a story about a company that provides really fantastic customer service… Zappos.
You see 3 months ago I purchased new shoes for several of the boys….  and since they tend to own just one pair of shoes and wear them every day- they certainly get plenty of use.  But still, I was surprised when my oldest came home and showed me that the seam had split on the side of his shoe.

So I contacted Zappos customer service department, using their online chat…  to see if they would agree with me, that the shoes shouldn’t have split a seam after only three months of wear.

Thank you for chatting it up with Zappos today, my name is Kelli and I’m happy to assist you….

(Kelli pauses to read my note explaining my problem)

Kelli:  Though our general return policy is for unworn and unused items, there may be something I can do. Let me take a look at the order and we’ll go from there.

Sharon:  Would you like for me to send you the picture of the seam where it is splitting?

Kelli:  That’s okay, we actually can’t view attachments.

Sharon:  And here I thought I was being all smart and tech-savvy taking a picture of the the problem! 🙂

Kelli:  Hey, you tried! I wish we could view them, but not to worry, we can absolutely exchange those for the 3.5 as you requested.

Sharon:  Wow- that’s fantastic! If I had purchased them in a store, I probably wouldn’t even have pursued this… but Zappos always gives me amazing customer service so I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Kelli:  Absolutely, I took one look at your account and I could see that you’ve been shopping with us awhile and haven’t had any issues before.  The exchange is all set, and your new order number is XXX. We aren’t going to ask for the damaged shoes back, so please go ahead and do what you see fit.

Sharon:  One more question- I am a Mom blogger, and I would like to write about this experience on my blog. Would it be okay if I copied our discussion and showed it on my blog ( to show my readers what a great experience I had?

Kelli:  I’m a huge fan of blogs, that would be fine! I hope you don’t mind if I check out the blog.

Sharon:  I would love that! Thanks again for everything!

Kelli:  You’re more than welcome. The new shoes should arrive tomorrow.

Hello- Cablevision?  Now THAT’S how it’s done!

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  1. Sharon says

    To Sharon from another Sharon (Kelli’s mom). Just thanking you from one mom to another for taking the time to share such a nice story (abt my daughter). Many times I’ve thanked someone and even sent a card of thanks to let them know that I really meant it. Your blog was awesome! I know you’ve made my daughter’s day and mine for your sweet words. Kelli LOVES her job and takes pride in what she does. I’m so glad she was able to help you. Thank you again for making her day!

  2. says

    I think it’s great you wrote this positive post. I have this running list of people I want to acknowledge as well, like the Aumies’ dentist receptionist who schedules all 4 back to back and never acts overwhelmed when my whole family shows up. Thanks for inspiring me!

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