Boys Bedroom Makeover!

Some of you might remember a few weeks ago when I solicited your input to help me makeover our guest room…. and you might have wondered when I was EVER going to get around to showing you how it turned out….. well- you’ll have to keep on wondering. Because today is not that day. You see, I’ve allowed myself to get a little distracted, and kind of moved way off track…. and into the room next door. All because of one dreary afternoon spent snuggled up on the couch with my two younger sons trolling for ideas on Pinterest! The boys made it clear that they wanted their room to be bright lime and bright orange (well- okay red… but he settled for orange), and they wanted it to look like a gaming room (a definite challenge since I was NOT going to be putting a TV/gaming system into anyone’s bedroom!), and it had to look like an older guys room (not a little kid bedroom please!).

Boys Bedroom Makeover1

Well…. can I just smugly say? When it comes to the boys bedroom makeover…. Mission Accomplished!

I started by patching up any holes in the walls and closet doors left behind by the previous occupant, and then repainted all of the walls. But I was so in love with the rich blue color that was already on the walls, and also lucky enough to find some leftover paint in that color in the garage, that I just mixed it well and re-painted the walls with one coat of the same color. It made everything look bright and new again, and (hopefully) eliminated any trace of that smokey smell that was still in the room. I also re-painted the doors, and some of trim (where it needed it).

Boys Bedroom Makeover5

Then I met Jack and Alex’s request of bright colors, buying them some new (and badly needed) sheets and comforter covers in their favorite colors. We (finally) got around to hanging up the lights next to their bunk beds. I also added an area rug that picked up the blue and orange and makes the whole room “pop”!

Boys Bedroom Makeover2

I was a little worried that they wouldn’t like it…. but I decided to remove the hutches from the top of their desks. Their bedroom is full of these great windows overlooking our backyard, but the view was blocked by the hutches, that really weren’t holding much. Plus, the hutches made it impossible to place their desk lamps on their desks- because the lamps were too tall.

Boys Bedroom Makeover3

On top of each desk, I placed a Quirky power strip (affiliate link) so the boys would have a dedicated place to charge all of their electronic devices (which had been a challenge, as the room is a little short on wall outlets). Removing the hutches really opened up the room- and the boys love their new desks!

Boys Bedroom Makeover4

And finally, I changed out the photos in their frames from vintage airplanes to gamer-style art. I found all three of these pieces on Flickr, and uploaded them to Shutterfly to order prints in the sizes that I wanted.

The boys were well aware that I had been working on re-painting their room, but on Saturday I kicked them out of the room for the day while I worked to get everything set up. Then I called them up for “big reveal”! They were thrilled!

Boys Bedroom Makeover6

Every time I walk past their room, I am so proud of what I was able to pull together for them, knowing how happy it makes them feel. Of course, I have 4 other kids who are now begging for me to work on their two rooms…. but I really need to finish that guest room first!

What do you think?

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  1. Kris C. says

    Wow! You certainly deserve that pat on the back, Sharon. Their room is beautiful. That rug is awesome and really does make the room pop. I had to chuckle when I saw the stuffed bison (from Yellowstone, yes?) and creeper…my son has those exact same ones. Very clever wall art switch-out, too. Such a wonderful room — and without spending a fortune. Score! p.s. Love the light fixtures. Can you share where you found them?

    • says

      Hi Kris! Yep- the bison is from Yellowstone and Creeper was a Christmas gift this year! Your son is just missing “Bear Big”! 🙂

      The lamps were from Pottery Barn, but are at least 10 years old. We bought them when we turned our oldest son’s room from a baby room to a “big boys room”, and now we are using them in Jack and Alex’s room!

  2. barbi says

    Sharon, Believe it or not I was just wondering how your guest room redo was coming along since I was one of many who commented on that…..then I remembered she has 6 very busy children and I only have 5 and it takes time to find extra time to work on projects, I’m so silly!

    The boys room is fabulous and hopefully they will feel a big hug from mommy every time they step into the room. You have done a wonderful job, but our comments aren’t so important…..the ones that really matter reside in the room.
    Love your blog, Toodles, Barbi

    • says

      “Only have 5”? Ha! You crack me up!

      Yes- it can be hard finding time to work on projects… and my problem is that I tend to load myself up with several at a time. I am also trying to launch my new website in the next 2 weeks, and doing all of the design work and set up myself (I’m just frugal that way)…. so I am a bit bogged down! But the guest room makeover is now officially in gear!

  3. Melissa says

    My son is looking for a “video game” bedroom as well and this came up in a google search. Where did you find the wall art? Thanks! Looks great!


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