How to Balance Work-At-Home Life (As a Blogger) With Your Home-Life



Sadly…. there are only 24 hours in a day- and way too much activity to squish into those 24 hours. But when you are trying to manage a work-at-home business, like blogging, and a home-life, like raising a big bunch of kiddos- well, there are just not enough hours in the day. So the challenge is to figure out how to divide your time properly- allocating specific and focused hours to your business (writing, pitching new ideas, social media), and specific and focused hours to your children. And then maximizing what you can accomplish in those hours. This is what is working for me:

Limit Multi-Tasking

I set my alarm early so that  can have 60-90 minutes to myself before the first child wakes up. I use this time by hitting the snooze button (!), exercising, or catching up on a little work. Then once 6:30am hits- it’s all about the kids for the next two hours. I try to avoid checking email, or doing anything work-related, because I know that when I try to multi-task and work while getting the kids ready- it is too stressful and I lose my patience with the kids. Things go much better when I set aside work and focus on them.

Set Daily Priorities- Separating Work and Home

to do list How to Balance Work At Home Life (As a Blogger) With Your Home Life

While they are at school- that’s my time to work. But as we all know, Moms have a long list of things to do that are for the home (call the cable guy, bathe the dog, make dentist appts for the kids) and a long list for things to do for work. So I spend a few minutes each morning writing up that day’s list of tasks that I need to accomplish- but I group them by home vs work, and within work I group them by Momof6 work vs outside work. I find that I am able to get more done if I work within one of these categories for an hour or so at a time, rather than by skipping back and forth.

When It Comes to Writing- Plan Ahead

I have been using an editorial calendar to plan and schedule content on Momof6 for a long time now- but I wasn’t looking beyond the next day when I sat down each day to write. Most days that was worked out okay- but some mornings I would sit down and realize that the piece I had planned for the next day was a recipe that required me to bake, create a video about it, photograph it, and write the post. And re-discovering that this was my plan at 10am the day I wanted to write the post was frustrating. So I created this writing planner sheet that I am now using each Friday to plan my work for the week ahead.

Writing Planner How to Balance Work At Home Life (As a Blogger) With Your Home Life

You can click here to download, print, and use your own copy: Writing Planner

What are your tips and tricks for balancing work-at-home life with your home-life? Please leave a comment and share!

Sharons Signture How to Balance Work At Home Life (As a Blogger) With Your Home Life

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1 Erica Filpi April 30, 2013 at 7:28 am

I don’t work from home, however I do go to college online and I hold an active position on PTA board. Lists are a blessing as well as having “work hours.” If I don’t respect those hours either do my friends.


2 Sharon
Twitter: sharonmomof6
May 1, 2013 at 5:41 pm

Erica- I could NEVER live without my lists! And I agree, if you set work hours and live by them, your friends will respect them too!


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