Supporting Your Spouse’s Hobbies in the Middle of a Crazy Busy Life! (#ShareYourLife}


Making Time for Hobbies

My husband has some pretty cool hobbies- all surrounding making different types of sugar, actually! In February, for “Valentine’s weekend”, we celebrate by tapping our maple trees throughout our yard and in the woods behind our house, so that we can collect sap to make homemade maple syrup. And in the summertime my husband becomes a part-time be keeper- nurturing his hives in order to produce gallons of honey for our family to enjoy and to give away to friends.

And as awesome as these hobbies are, and as much as the kids and I get to enjoy the literal “fruits of his labor”, sometimes it can be hard to support the time that he has to devote to these activities. Take making maple syrup for example- some parts of this hobby are time-intensive, and some are great for involving the kiddos. The weekend that Steve taps the trees, inserts the spiles, and hangs the buckets, it really only takes just a few hours of his time. And it’s something the kids like to do with him, so it’s really kind of a family event. And this year the kids completely took over harvesting this sap by gathering the metal buckets and dumping the contents into 5 gallon containers that we keep in our garage, a few times a week after school. But time consuming part comes in when it’s time to convert 60-70 gallons of tree sap into 2 gallons of maple syrup. Basically it takes a bonfire that lasts all weekend- and we do this several weekends in a row during syrup-making season. And with Steve working extra long hours at a new job right now- a lot of that work falls on him having him do it during odd hours such as in the evenings when he came home, or in some cases I try to help out as well as “keep the fire going” while he is at work. So¬†fitting in that hobby all while shuttling kids to their myriad of weekend activities is a challenge, and this year we both thought long and hard about whether it was time to give up this hobby. But I really glad that we didn’t.

Gathering sap Supporting Your Spouses Hobbies in the Middle of a Crazy Busy Life! (#ShareYourLife}

If we allowed the crazy and busyness of our lives and our focus on the kids and their activities to completely dictate how we spend our time, then we’re really not living our our own lives, are we? We’re wouldn’t be doing the things that feed our own souls, and I just think that not what life is all about. I think that no matter how crazy and busy and hectic life gets, that we parents have to make sure that we open up time in our lives for things that are important to us. So I really admire my husband for making sure that we did make maple syrup this year, and I know that my kids will be singing his praises all year long as we now have gallons of homemade maple syrup to enjoy on our pancakes! But most importantly, it made me remember how important it is to take time for the things you love.

Filtering sap Supporting Your Spouses Hobbies in the Middle of a Crazy Busy Life! (#ShareYourLife}

Do you have any hobbies that you try to nurture? If so please leave a comment below and share.

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1 Barb @ A Life in Balance
Twitter: BarbHoyer
March 26, 2013 at 5:24 am

Dh and I have been talking around this question, and didn’t realize it. We both feel overwhelmed and tied down by taking care of our yard. We want to get out and do stuff with the kids. The yard isn’t the hobby that it used to be; it’s a chore. So..we’re cutting back on the maintenance and turning half of our vegetable garden back into yard.
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2 Sharon
Twitter: sharonmomof6
March 26, 2013 at 7:36 am

I too had a garden at one point that was a hobby of mine… and then it turned into a total chore. I just planted a bunch of perennials and try to weed it once really well in the springtime and that’s pretty much all that I can devote to it at this time. Maybe someday I’ll go back to it…. but I just wasn’t getting enjoyment out of it anymore.


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