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Today is going to be the first in a two-part series on being brave while on Spring Break with the kids. You see, last week the kids and I piled into the “Mommy bus” and drove 18+ hours south to visit my family in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. And we enjoyed a super-awesome vacation week! But there were a few things about this adventure that stretched my own sense of personal bravery… starting with our visit to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse… at 175 feet tall, it is the tallest lighthouse in the state of Florida!

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse1 Being Brave on Spring Break! {Share Your Life Link Up}It’s a gorgeous red lighthouse…. truly spectacular to look at!

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse2 Being Brave on Spring Break! {Share Your Life Link Up}And I knew that my kids and their cousins would get a huge thrill out of climbing the steps to the top and taking in the view. But what I completely ignored in my enthusiasm for planning something fun for the kids… was my own extreme fear of heights.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse3 Being Brave on Spring Break! {Share Your Life Link Up}And once we started up that narrow spiral staircase…. I knew that it was going to be a tough climb for me… literally. But it’s not like I could allow them to go to the top without me…. so onward and upward I went.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse4 Being Brave on Spring Break! {Share Your Life Link Up}

Holding on to the railing with a sweaty-death-grip.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse5 Being Brave on Spring Break! {Share Your Life Link Up}Once we arrived at the top, I couldn’t bear to actually stand near the railing (even though it was completely enclosed in with wire cables so no one could fall off or anything). And I kept begging the kids to stay back against the lighthouse wall with me…. but nooooo… they wanted to enjoy the view (greedy little things)….. I had my camera around my neck abut couldn’t let go of the wall long enough to snap any pictures. Luckily my brother doesn’t share my same fear and he did a fantastic job of capturing the moment.

Of course- the next part was even harder….. getting back down. My legs were like jelly by the time we reached firm ground again! But I did it!

And a story of failed bravery….

Conquering the climb to the top of the lighthouse was not my only call to bravery on this trip. Unfortunately, I failed miserably in my second bid…. when I came face to face with a huge palmetto bug (cockroach) in the bathroom at 3:30 in the morning the day of our departure. I had planned on grabbing a quick shower, completing our packing and hitting the road before 5am- until the long antenna-ed creature with the hard brown shell got between me and the shower door. What happened next is not pretty. But realizing my totally paralyzing fear of said creature- I was left with no choice than to wake my young children at this early hour to have them assist me in corralling the massive insect. My oldest refused to budge- wanting no part of the great cockroach showdown. My second oldest also turned down my desperate request for help. But his 7 year old brother popped up in bed and said “Mommy, I can kill the bug for you.”

Shamelessly, I armed Alex with a shoe, and sent him off on a solo mission to kill the beast- while I trembled behind him (mostly to assure myself when the deed was done). But unfortunately, Alex was not strong or swift enough to kill that critter- and what ensued was some squealing and screaming and jumping up on top of the kitchen table (okay that last part was mainly my reaction), which then woke up all of the kids-who were equally horrified by the bug and amused by their mother’s reaction.

Finally- I resorted to waking up my brother (again, this is 3:30 in the morning) and begged him to come downstairs and hunt the creature down. But the damn thing was off and hiding and no amount of searching allowed us to bring the bug to his rightful end. So after all of the chaos and screaming and carrying on- I had to shower not knowing if the wanted beast was dead or alive. Or if he were hiding in my luggage or under my towel……

Ugh- my skin crawls just thinking about it. Thankfully I never saw him again. (But his ugly dead bug-body was later found hiding under the dog’s water bowl….. ¬†yuck.)

How about you- do you have any stories of successful or failed bravery to share? If so- please leave a comment! And if you written a recent blog post that shares your life- link up below!

Stay tuned tomorrow for  Being Brave on Spring Break Part Two!

Sharons Signture Being Brave on Spring Break! {Share Your Life Link Up}

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1 Stephanie @ CMTS Blog April 2, 2013 at 1:42 pm

Oh that is a breathtaking view but I too would have been clinging to the wall for dear life! And what is it with southern cockroaches? When my husband and I went to Port O Connor Tx (on the gulf), we stayed in a friends beach house that is all open. (Why oh why!? Don’t they know bugs like the beach?) We were asleep and in the middle of our slumber, I felt a big THUMP on my face. I swatted it away and as I did, I felt that whatever I swatted was HUGE. I turned the lights on, only to find this GIANT cockroach, sitting on my bed. And when I say HUGE, I mean like so big that I could have put a leash on it and taken it for a walk. I about died, screamed, woke up my husband while flailing about the room, vowing that I would never sleep again in that house. And I didn’t sleep much for the rest of that trip… Ahhhhhhhh! *shudders*
Stephanie @ CMTS Blog recently posted..{Menu Monday} featuring Skinny Baked Burritos!


2 Sharon
Twitter: sharonmomof6
April 3, 2013 at 12:23 pm

Oh that’s a horrible story- one that would give me nightmares for weeks! I hate cockroaches- and yes- they grow ‘em big in the South!


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