Do You Ever Dream of a “Room of Your Own”?

Does anyone else remember that episode of The Cosby Show (circa 1991) when Clair Huxtable gets a room to call hers? And she won’t let any of her kids in to even look at it because she is so dizzy at the possibility that she just might have a space of her very own? Well I remember that episode rather vividly. Because right now it feels as if my kids have taken over my entire house. And they have.

They have their own (albeit shared) bedrooms that are full of their stuff. They have a dedicated room that we call “the playroom” that is meant to corral their vast collections of legos,. trucks, dolls, costume jewelry, craft kits, and 10 million board games. They have a finished basement that they can play in when it is 9 degrees outside (as it has been here all week) which is filled right now with scooters, skateboards, and soccer balls. And of course, they take over my dining room (which is currently a lego stop-motion animation set), my family room (which is Wii Super Mario central at the moment), my kitchen (where else are you going to do homework), and even my bathrooms (let’s not even discuss it).

Where is the space dedicated to me? My bedroom….. you say?

family photo on my bedEven my bedroom isn’t off limits to the invading masses. Especially when something exciting like “American Idol” or even the ProBowl is on the tele.

Clair Huxtable… I too, need a room of my own.

And just when home renovation shows everywhere are promoting the glories of the “Man Cave”… (Man Cave- why do men need a room of their own? They have one! It’s called “the office”!)… I think it is high time for the warriors of the homefront to have a room to call their own… which I hereby declare shall be referred to as “The Mom Cave”.

But where to build it?

Oh I know EXACTLY what room should be converted into my “Mom Cave”… the room previously known as “the playroom”. Because we have already established that the kids have taken over every other square inch of the house!  They could give up the playroom and never even notice the difference! Here is what we would be starting with…..

My current Mom Cave is not a Mom Cave at AllAnd worst of all is the sofa. This once resided in our bedroom and held “not quite ready for the laundry” clothes, and dry cleaning, and other assorted mish-mash. But when we decided to move the elliptical upstairs in an attempt to motivate us to exercise daily (which actually is kinda working), the sofa became part of “the playroom”. Which means in less than 300 days, it was destroyed.

Current SofaI am not even sure where the missing left hand cushion is right now… probably in the dog’s bed.

What I Dream Of…

Last weekend my husband and I had a few moments to ourselves to do a little “fantasy” shopping. And while perhaps he might have envisioned some other type of fantasy, I took him shopping at our local La-Z-Boy showroom so that I could scope-out what I would want to put into my “Mom Cave”. And WOW…. I found plenty of beautiful ideas….

Mom Cave- Dreaming

I am so in love with all of the beautiful artwork and home decor. I cozied right up into this gorgeous chenille chair and ottoman. And I loved the beautiful wine cabinet that is hidden behind this gorgeous wood cabinetry. But as much as I loved these… they didn’t make my “final cut”….

Here is what would live in my “Mom Cave”…

This belongs in my Mom Cave

Okay- first of all…. I would choose something TOTALLY cream-colored or even white. Because no Mom on Planet Earth would ever select something so stain-attracting as a light-colored fabric. Which makes it all that more decadent for it to be ALL MINE! And I must have a printed fabric chair. Because I never have had one before. And I want one. And I really want one of these amazing coffee tables that “pops up” and lifts up to desk height…. just in case I want to blog while I am hanging out in my “Mom Cave”. Although let’s be clear… mostly I will be reading books. And maybe sipping wine. And napping.

So if you had a chance to have a room all of your own? What would it look like? You know you can always check out the online catalog for La-Z-Boy and dream your own dreams! And you can pin your ideas to the La-Z-Boy #MomCave Inspiration Pinterest Board too:

And be sure to stop by my Momof6 Pinterest Board where you can see all of my #MomCave plans!

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and  La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries. #MomCave #CBias #SocialFabric. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Suzi says

    Come on Sharon,
    That room would be so beautiful it would attract those sweet little darlins in your house. I especially like the wine cabinet!! That would attract me! Some day you’ll have that Mom Cave and wonder where did all those little kids go!

    • says

      I know… some day I will actually have a Mom Cave and I’ll be sitting in it looking at my scrapbooks of the kids, with my heart breaking because I’ll be missing them and their childhood so much!

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