A Gift That Any Mom Would Love…

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A few years ago, Steve gave me the coolest gift on Mother’s Day… a video of each of my kids talking about why they loved their Mom. It is a sweet keepsake that I will have of them at that particular age… for forever! The only thing that wasn’t completely amazing about it… is that my kids aren’t known for their spontaneity while being interviewed on camera. Steve came up with a list of questions for them, like “What do you love best about your Mom?”, and they each answered the questions adorably…. but I am guessing that he might have had to feed a few of them some answers! Truly- there is nothing like getting a video of your kiddos for Mother’s Day…

So this year what I am secretly hoping for is a “highlights” video of 2013… the video that I failed to create as a holiday gift this year for my family, because we were in the middle of our move! I have tons of video clips on my computer and even some on my cell phone that I would love to have pulled together into a family movie…. but I know that there is no way that Steve has the time to do this for me.

So how about outsourcing the gig to someone who can?

Yourkidvid is a professional video editing service created with home movies in mind! Where in the past professional editing for your home videos meant spending hundreds of dollars (and I know this first hand because I have paid someone to edit movies for us in the past)– now you can own great quality home movies of your kiddos- for a fraction of that price!

Video Process at Yourkidvid

There are two levels of video editing packages available- a “Lite” package where for $29 you can upload up to 8 minutes of raw footage and have it pulled together by a professional editor to tell your family’s story along with hand-picked music, titles, and transitions. Or you can purchase the “premium”package for $49 where you can upload up to 15 minutes of footage and receive premium graphics, professional color transitions, and balanced audio levels across your clips for an even level of sound. Whichever package you choose- you’ll receive your brand-new professionally edited mini-movie in approx. 3-5 days.

And in case the hubster has no idea where even to begin to find all of the video clips that you’ve captured over the year (just sayin’), then he can purchase a gift card for Mom so she can gather together the clips that she would like to include in her video (especially if Mom is Type-A… like me!).

Whoo Hoo- and right now you get 20% off any order. Promo Code: 1in85million (expiration date May 12th). It can be used towards all products (including gift cards)!

How About A Chance to Win an iPad Mini?


Yourkidvid is offering a chance for you to win an iPad mini for your Mom! You know- there are 85 million Moms in the US-  and hopefully every single one of us thinks our own Mom is #1! So Yourkidvid decided to hold a contest to find America’s #1 Mom! To enter, like Yourkidvid on Facebook and then publish a description of why your mom is #1 on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram using the hashtag, #1in85million.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Yourkidvid.

What are you hoping to receive this Mother’s Day?

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