Got Allergies?

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got allergies?

I was selected for this opportunity and compensated by Febreze. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

You do know that there is no such thing as a non-allergic dog, right? Even when you buy one of those doodle-blends like we did, he still has dander in his fur…. so if you’re allergic to dogs- you are allergic to our Bentley.

Bentley fuzzy Got Allergies?

You gotta admit- it’s hard not to love this adorable fuzzy face!

But my husband who does have dog allergies will readily admit that having a non-shedding doodle-dog is better for your pet allergies, at least mentally- because you’re not seeing the wispy tufts of hair drifting all over the floor like tumbleweeds. But that all goes out the window when your dog decides to climb up on your bed during the day when no one’s looking, so that when it’s time to go to sleep there’s no getting around the fact that he makes you sneeze and makes it hard to breathe!

Got Allergies1 500x347 Got Allergies?

So I always keep an eye out for new products to help me manage Steve’s pet dander allergies, and secure Bentley’s status in our family! Which is why I am happy to hear that Febreze recently introduced a new Allergen-reducer product line and when you spray it on fabric- it’s almost as if it creates a “net” around those airborne allergens trapping them to the fabric.

Got Allergies2 Got Allergies?

Any allergens left behind by Bentley on the bed are now “stuck” on the fabric and aren’t in the air where your lungs breathe them in. This “buys me some time” until I can properly wash the blanket (and I just turn it down at bedtime, knowing that the allergens are stuck to it!)

Got Allergies3 500x347 Got Allergies?

I also give Bentley’s dog bed a little spritz every day, because my furry guy likes to sleep on the floor next to me…. and it’s not as if I have time to wash his bed every day to eliminate the pet dander!

Febreeze Allergen Reducer Got Allergies?

This will come in handy when we visit family out of town…. because they all have dogs too. And it’s not as if I am going to show up at thier house and start washing down the guest room bedding, right? A little spritz to “net down” those allergens will do the trick!

And I’ll be testing out this new Febreze as soon as the weather warms up enough that I can open the windows again. Based on the ridiculous winter we’ve had, I am sure it is going to be a mother of a pollen season around here…. and our new home does not have central air conditioning- so a lot more of that pollen is going to be inside of our house. I plan to spray down our fabric couches, cushions, pillows and bedding to reduce the amount of pollen in the air that we will be breathing- because so many of us in our household are allergic to the spring grass pollen.

If you want to see the “net effect” in action… check out this video:

The dust and allergens floating up from the non-sprayed pillow? Yuck.

I was selected for this opportunity and compensated by Febreze. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
Sharons Signture Got Allergies?

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WOW! So cool! Thanks for sharing!


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