Back To School Subway Art!

I sure do love my subway art picture frames….  and it was time to update them for this new season…  Back to School! I found these great free printables from all over the web and I framed them to provide inspiration for me and for my family.

In my family room…. these pictures celebrate school and everything that goes along with it…

 And in the kitchen…  these pictures display great quotes and inspiration to READ!

Here is an up-close look at the pictures, and the links to each of them:

Backpacks and lunch boxes printable from HolidaySnobs

Vintage look ABC printable from Sweet Coconut Lime

Read, glue, abc123 printable from Tammy Mitchell Photography

Once Upon a Time printable from restlessrisa

While We Try To Teach Printable from Thirty Handmade Days

Suess Quote Printable from The Scrap Shoppe

Listen to Your Teacher from Phreckle Face Blog

and I couldn’t resist printing this cute reminder for my kids…  explaining WHY they need to brush their teeth (a popular refrain this summer when I asked them to brush their teeth after breakfast was “Why Mom…  we aren’t going anywhere today…”)

 Brush Your Teeth Printable  from Thirty Handmade Days










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