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If you are new to Momof6- this is a great place to start! Here’s a collection of popular posts that showcase what I write about….

Sometimes I talk about our large family…

Why I Love Having a Large Family– Yep- having a large family is perfect for me.  It’s loud and it’s messy…..  and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why We Chose to Adopt– When we thought about having another child, we just knew in our hearts that this child would join our family through adoption.  It felt right….  In the same way that people know that they want to “have a baby”, it’s how they feel, they know they are ready, they just know it.

I write alot about Mom-organization…

Why Every Mom Needs a Command Center– The idea behind having a functional command center is that you have one place where you put EVERYTHING you need… your important papers, your to-do lists, your grocery lists incoming (U.S.) mail, your calendar, your hermit crab (well, maybe not your hermit crab)…  but the idea is that you have one place where it all goes.

6 Steps to Get Control Over An Unorganized Life– For all busy Moms, the threat of the chaos in our life overwhelming us looms large every day! I find that when things are feeling out of control, I follow these 6 steps to get myself pulled back together.

I preach the virtues of a great calendar system, and the importance of family routines…

Setting Up Your Family Calendar and the Weekly Planning Ritual– The beauty of this weekly planning ritual is that you are only focusing on just the week ahead, and you are allowed to forget about  everything else going on in your busy life that isn’t scheduled for the next week.  And just the act of reviewing each item will get you focused and ready for the week ahead.

Family Routines- The Key to a Calm Morning– Webster’s defines the word routine as “a regular course of procedure “ or a habitual or mechanical performance of an established procedure”.  My Mom’s definition of routine is “a list of steps to follow at a specific time of day that keeps your family moving along to your end goal, without having Mom lose her mind, raise her voice, or pull out her own hair”.

I share ideas of fun things to do with your family…

Visit a Waterfall– Taking your family on a nice hike and visiting a waterfall along the way is a fantastic field trip to take during the summer! Waterfalls of almost any size are quite awe-inspiring…  and not only for the kids!

Cooking With the Kids: A Rainbow Cake! I divided each batch of cake batter into three bowls making sure to fill them as evenly as possible, and then I used by gel food dyes (just a tiny bit) to achieve the colors of the rainbow. And in case you can’t remember the colors or their order, my kids taught me to remember the name ROY G. BIV….  for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. (Why is it that I never learned these important things when I was in elementary school?)

Sometimes I write sweet stories about them…

The Storyteller and His Magic– This was the day that my son Spencer blew me away with his incredibly creative story about how he actually saw Santa on Christmas Eve!

Why the Sun Rises and Sets on My Man!– After my crazy attempt to take the kids on a week-long road trip over 12 hours away from home, without Dad along, Steve shows up and surprises us!

Sometimes I can be a bit snarky…

Dear Cablevision– A letter written to decry their infuriating lack of customer service…

Why I Hate the Carnival– Now at the risk of sounding like a grumpy old curmudgeon, I really dreaded the idea of taking our large crew to the church carnival.

And I love to talk about a good movie or book!

Cars 2 Movie Review- It was apparent from the previews that this Cars movie was going to have a different feel to it. Our favorite race car Lightening McQueen would be competing in races around the world, so the movie would have a less small-town flavor- and offer a more international flair. That sounded promising. What I wasn’t prepared for….  was all of the James Bond’ish spy-themed weaponry.

Book Review: Jennifer Garder Trulson’s “Where You Left Me”– This book is not a fairytale, it is the true story of one woman’s struggle to carry on, and as you read, you will remember all that we lost on September 11th, and your heart will feel raw and ache again. I think it is a fitting way to remember.

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