I would like to kick my Thanksgiving table up a notch again this year- and have been looking for some inspiration! Here are 10 fantastic Thanksgiving table ideas!

10 Fantastic Thanksgiving Table Ideas!

I love to set a fancied up table for Thanksgiving. It's one of those times of year that I am not worried about the amount of dishes it adds to the evening's clean up, I don't care about the extra time it takes to make it look oh-so-pretty (in fact, I relish that time!), and I believe the extra ...

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I think that the key to having a stress-free holiday is to spend some time planning ahead. A few years ago I made the decision that I wanted to spend my holidays intentionally– doing the things that are important to my family and eliminating the holiday “to-do’s” that were not adding to any personal joy. Using these holiday planning printables helps me to decide what is important to my family and how I can get it all done and still enjoy the holiday season!

Holiday Planning Printables!

Welcome to November my friends! Now that we’ve turned the page on the calendar, may I be so bold as to point out that we are just 7 1/2 weeks out until Christmas?! Yikes! It's time to do some holiday planning! I think that the key to having a stress-free holiday is to spend some time ...

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Kids can't figure out what they want to be this year? Here are 10 awesome Halloween costumes for tweens! (Maybe this will inspire them!)

10 Awesome Halloween Costumes for Tweens!

I am having the hardest time this year getting my tweens to decide what they would like to be for Halloween. Don't they realize that a Mom needs some time to pull this stuff together? Sheesh! I spent some time searching and pinning ideas this weekend, in the hopes to inspire them to choose ...

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10 Fantastic fall ideas for your homes- including inspiration for table decor, outside decorations, and ways to get crafty with the season!

10 Fantastic Fall Ideas for Your Home!

This past weekend I finally took some time to do a little decorating inside and outside of my home to make it feel ready to embrace the arrival of fall! I went to one of my favorite stores (Stew Leonards!) and picked up some huge containers of bright yellow mums, some pumpkins sized for carving and ...

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Recently my kids and I decided to learn about Cinco de Mayo- because while it literally translates to the "The 5th of May" the history behind this holiday runs much deeper than just a date on a calendar. Here are 5 ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Kids!

5 Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Kids

One of the best ways to teach your kids about other cultures is to make it part of your dinner time conversation. After all, food is a big part of cultural traditions throughout the world, so a meal prepared with special foods, and a discussion surrounding a particular cultural holiday can be a ...

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