Recently the kids and I tried these sweet and butter biscuits that were oh-so-delicious.... but my husband rightly pointed out were almost like cookies. So now I call them cookie biscuits. You can call them cookies- call them biscuits- call them an accompaniment- or call them dessert. I just call them yummy!

Sweet and Buttery Cookie Biscuits

I am a firm believer that almost any meal is better with some form of bread on the side. Perhaps this came from growing up with a set of grandparents who ate bread every single night at dinner. If there were no fresh-baked rolls or biscuits, then a slice of white bread from the store would do. ...

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Raspberry Cookie Roll Ups 180 px

Raspberry Cookie Roll Ups

Baking with the kids is a great thing to do while on vacation or even on a snow day. Especially with something that is sweet, and sticky, and fun to make together- like these raspberry cookie roll ups! These raspberry cookies take a little bit of patience to create, but they are well worth ...

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These soft and chewy molasses cookies have been a long time family favorite!

Soft and Chewy Molasses Cookies

Life has been so busy lately that I feel as if I am running head-first into Valentine's Week without much of a plan! And two of my kids celebrate their half-birthdays this week, which we always like to honor by allowing the 1/2-year old to pick a special dessert for dinner that evening... so this ...

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Eat Smart Salads Line

Healthy Eating During the Holidays

Between the homemade baked goods, the candy canes, the chocolate chex mix and the peppermint bark- it can be really hard to make sure that I am eating healthy balanced meals during the holiday season… and even harder to make sure that my kids are getting enough healthy veggies in their diets! And ...

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Higbee Muffins Badge

HIgbee Muffins {Menu Plan Monday}

When I was a little girl growing up in the suburbs on the East side of Cleveland, there were special days when my mom, my grandmother, and I would get all dressed up and take the "Rapid Transit" (mass transit system) down to downtown Cleveland and go shopping and have lunch at the Higbee's ...

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Cheesy Potatoes Badge

Easy Slow Cooker Cheesy Potatoes

With a winter this snowy, cold, and well... just plain long- it has me craving something warm, cozy, and cheesy. Something delicious that just slow-cooks all day long... freeing me up to do more important things- like keeping the fire going in the wood-burning stove! So if you plan on settling in ...

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