Summer chores and allowances

Summer Chores and Allowances for Kids

I have a hard time sticking with a plan to assign the kids chores, follow up with them on whether or not they accomplished their chores, and then paying them a weekly allowance for getting them done. With school work, homework, a packed after-school activity schedule (not individually, but as a ...

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Family Routines- Evening Routine for Kids

In this series on family routines, we talked about creating a morning routine to help keep your mornings calm and we discussed how to create an afternoon routine that moves you through unpacking backpacks, organizing school paperwork, and into homework and after school activities.  Today we are ...

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Family Routines- What We Do After School

Yesterday I discussed how building and using a set morning routine can make your mornings much calmer.  Today I am going to talk about how to put into place a flexible afternoon routine that allows your kids some time to wind down after a big day at school before moving into all of the after school ...

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